a name for the douchebag that is ryan ross, ex panic at the disco guitarist, who is now in a wannabe beatles band called the young veins. also a coke addict.
"oh ryna...what have you done with your life?'
#hoar #cokehead #cokebloat #douchebag #paul mccartney #ryan ross
by haysuss April 02, 2010
Top Definition
a person who's always there for you. always wants to listen to you. very pretty and funny! Her name means princess.
Person 1: Wow, did u talk to ryna?
Person 2: Yeah, she really helped me with my problems.
#problems #helped #ryna #funny #pretty
by booshcabada August 07, 2009
A rather beautiful & petite young woman who on weekends is a fascist dictator that insists on dressing the whole of Slough properly as to her exacting standards.

If this standard isn't met she dishes out painful punishments of the highest order - So painful that I'm not even going to go into the terror she's wreaked upon so many ususpecting fashion victims lives.

Be afraid if you live in Slough. Regardless of whether you end up with Ryna in front of you or not!

Viva la revolución, Viva la Flares!
Random fashion viction: Dude, you're Ryna the fascist dictator that has a fetish for loungy jeans right?!? YOU ROCK!

Ryna: Could you shut up, burn your jeans, cut your hair & at least attempt to look half decent before I set the hounds on you.
#ryna #loungy jeans #slough #dictator #fashion victim
by One of Ryna's victims!! August 04, 2009
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