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A button combination in the popular shooter game Halo. Also known as the "Double-Shot", the RXR combination performs an instant kill if done correctly. This can only be done with the Battle Rifle. This 'cheat' is done by pressing the Right Trigger (R) to shoot, then X to reload, then R again to cancel the reload action and shoot a second time. The combination must be done very fast and precise in order for it to work. It may take a lot of practice to make it useful in your favor.
You is are nubzor, i just pulled rxr on your face! Move your shit nub, im takin this shenanigans to the dome!
by Jake Meyer May 15, 2007
One of the greatest bands that ever existed!
Yo nigga, you gonna check out them fools RxR tonight? I heard they got it going on.
by dad April 26, 2003
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