A wild/crazy girl. Also a very hot girl who drinks alot
"We need a hot girl, call up a RUTHIE!"
by livinurban410 June 17, 2008
Top Definition
a very very very attractive person! (no drugs or drinking):)
omg look over there! Did you see that ruthie!?
by beautiful hannah "ruthie" January 30, 2009
A beautiful younger sister type person. A friend to all, with a kind and gentle soul. Easily teased and fun to be with.
She's such a Ruthie-Boothie-Boothead.
by GrizlyPirate February 05, 2010
The first name of an awesome mother and grandmother. You know your girlfriend/wife is going to be a great stay-at-home mom if her first name is Ruthie. A rock and a foundation for her family. A wise counselor. An excellent judge of character. An honest and trustworthy person who admits their mistakes and makes amends for them.
That lady is a genuine Ruthie!

We can't make a decision, we need get a Ruthie!

Let's be Ruthie and get out of here before real trouble starts.
by urbanastarte February 03, 2010
A pill given to a male employee so you can corn hole him.
Last night , I went out drinking with my boss after work. I think Danny might have slipped me a ruthie because I don't remember very much, and boy does my butt hurt!
by Illinoid000 January 31, 2014
Sort of drug used in date rape.
There's twenty farmacias on every block. We'll go and get a bottle of ruthies. (Heard on The Shield, Season 2, Episode 1)
by Alex J. Glass August 25, 2006
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