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Sort of drug used in date rape.
There's twenty farmacias on every block. We'll go and get a bottle of ruthies. (Heard on The Shield, Season 2, Episode 1)
by Alex J. Glass August 25, 2006
a very very very attractive person! (no drugs or drinking):)
omg look over there! Did you see that ruthie!?
by beautiful hannah "ruthie" January 30, 2009
A wild/crazy girl. Also a very hot girl who drinks alot
"We need a hot girl, call up a RUTHIE!"
by livinurban410 June 17, 2008
A beautiful younger sister type person. A friend to all, with a kind and gentle soul. Easily teased and fun to be with.
She's such a Ruthie-Boothie-Boothead.
by GrizlyPirate February 05, 2010
The first name of an awesome mother and grandmother. You know your girlfriend/wife is going to be a great stay-at-home mom if her first name is Ruthie. A rock and a foundation for her family. A wise counselor. An excellent judge of character. An honest and trustworthy person who admits their mistakes and makes amends for them.
That lady is a genuine Ruthie!

We can't make a decision, we need get a Ruthie!

Let's be Ruthie and get out of here before real trouble starts.
by urbanastarte February 03, 2010
A pill given to a male employee so you can corn hole him.
Last night , I went out drinking with my boss after work. I think Danny might have slipped me a ruthie because I don't remember very much, and boy does my butt hurt!
by Illinoid000 January 31, 2014