having sex with a girl while she is on her period
Bob Jones: I had rustic sex with Susie last night. We ruined her new white sheets.
by Robert Bob Jones August 26, 2009
Top Definition
a person who has rugged good looks, usually consisting of high cheek bones, a dark-ish swarthy complexion, and dark brown curly hair. tends to be interested in outdoor activities and near-death experiences. reeks of manliness.
Dude, did you see that hottie who just climbed the tree like it was nobody's business!?! He's SO rustic!
by RusticFan February 06, 2010
An excuse for mediocrity and negative quality control.
"The paint's chipped!!" "No, it's rustic"
"There's water in the wax!" "No, it's rustic"
by candles March 01, 2015
Southern lower class


The uneducated rustic folk came a knockin' on my door.
by larstait October 14, 2003
Having a specific, unique charm which is both historical and cultural and makes it desired.
"-I love the VW Sixties vans, they are very rustic."

"-Have you been to Pauline's Diner?
- You mean the one from the fifties on Ravenswood? Of course, I love it! It's just so .. rustic!
by HaGoodLuckFindingOutSrsly May 04, 2009
The motto of the 19 Weapons Squadron at Nellis AFB. It is most commonly used during a toast but can also be used as a general greeting, a response to a question, as a verb or how ever one feels that it can appropriately fit into a conversation.
During a toast one would raise their glass and say "To the Green Door", the rest of the room would reply "Rustic!!"
by Mayor For A Day September 05, 2015
In for sale adds, rustic is a euphemism for old and shitty.
Her vagina was a bit rustic, but I was in a pinch.
by downpat75 July 10, 2008
Its Chef for "I couldnt give a fuck"
Oh its busy, so i will make a rustic special dish for tonight.
by Fuzzypumper February 11, 2011
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