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to get knocked out
you just got russoed
by tessa batula June 18, 2009
66 61
someone with a tremendously thick penis
wow, did you hear about jill she had to go to the hospital because she hooked up with a russo.
by nick December 13, 2004
369 91
having a penis of the size of 8-10 inches andcan cum at least a pint
angela got a huge shot in her face from a russo
by baller2343242342134324234 November 26, 2007
159 46
half hot chocolate, half coffee. totally the best drink ever invented!
yeah, so the other day, i went to the restaurant, and asked for a russo. they were like, whats that? and i said its half coffee half hot chocolate! i cant beleive youve never heard of it!
by <ash> October 24, 2009
33 35
Someone who gets wasted and makes bad decisions.
I'm just going to throw my dignity out the window and russo it up tonight!
by Dictionary_fan87 February 21, 2010
38 49
taking a dump on the seat of a porto-let with a 15 person line standing outside waiting to use it.
The crowd was angry when they saw the russo left waiting for them
by Allen Wrench August 10, 2005
63 106
A geometry teacher normally appearing with a roller bookbag of some sort.
Man that is one hot Russo over there.
by AwesomeX64 March 18, 2005
9 86