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Vodka, originated from the public drinking of vodka through a coffee mug of travel cup. generally used to redirect authority figures, cops.
"Its russian tea, shut up, do you have a warrant?"
"Russian tea, because in Russia tea drinks you!"
by Krishna on acid October 09, 2005
Amazing tea that make u feel high. Nice intellectual and body stimulation with light euphoria. Effect have somethink similar to redbull and other energetic drinks, but much softer and natural. U need to understand it.
I like drink it in morning instead of coffee.

To make it u need 2-3 tablespoon of cheap black small leaf tea(some used more u need to check how u will feel individually)
also u can use other sort of tea (if u have green tea put about 5-6 tablespoon)
Dats how I usually do it.
I take big 0.5l cup pour 300ml boil water(about half of cup) then add 3 tablespoon black tea and close cup with dish.
Wait 15-20 min (almoust tea leaves dropped to bottom)
Sip it with somethink sweet (cake, pie...)
Effect comes after 15-30 min.
First times maybee u will feel sick after drink dat, but after some time u will like it taste.
I drink one dose of russian tea and 100ml of cognac. Feel so fuckin good
by Big dirty fag January 02, 2012
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