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The Russian Mafia is a name given to a broad group of organized criminals of various ethnicity which appeared from the Soviet Union after its disintegration in 1991.
Ethnic Russians, Jews and large numbers of Georgians, Ukrainians and Armenians also make up the mafia.
The Russian Mafia is one of the most dangerous Mafias' in the world which has operations in Russia, U.S, Canada, Europe, and Israel. The mafia controls most of the Russian politics, as well as many other aspects in Russia.
They specialize in: Fraud, transnational money laundering, extortion, drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, auto theft, white slave trafficking/prostitution, hostage taking, extortion of immigrant celebrities and sport figures, transportation of stolen property for export, insurance (staged auto accidents) and medical fraud (false medical claims), counterfeiting, credit card forgery, and murder.
(The most typical image of the Russian mafia is portrated in the film "Training Day" when Denzel Washington gets whacked because he didn't pay the Russian Mafia.)
Frank: Look at that Russian guy in the leather jacket, hes talkin to your ex girl. Let's go beat his ass down.
Johnny: Don't be stupid man, he might be in the Russian Mafia, you can't fuck wit that shit.
by B-blocka November 06, 2006
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A name for the organized Russian crime rings in the United States. The Russian Mafia currently specializes in the import and export of cars,weapons and drugs from russia to the US and illegal arms dealing. They are currently operating in 50 states and are very well organized. They can often be found in big cities such as Los Angles or New York.
by John Spartan November 19, 2003
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very orgonized mafia identified by their wrecklesness,good cars,techno music,black close,ak 45,and an unusual
amount of vodka bottles left on the crime scene.
by sema russ March 10, 2004
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