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Russian coffee tastes like sunshine mixed with happiness.
And when I say sunshine I mean coffee.
And when I say happiness, I mean vodka
Man, I'm bored, I'm going to go make a Russian coffee or 6
by Scroblog January 18, 2005
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A Russian coffee is a morning beverage consisting of a bottle of vodka with a splash of fresh brewed coffee
Austin: Hey Brad would you like an Irish coffee to start the day

Brad: No I'm a man not a little girl give me a Russian coffee
by The Jackel December 30, 2014
When You Take A Piss In Your Coffee And Give It To Your Russian Friend.
"I Got This Coffee From The Carnival And It Taste Like Shit, Im Going To Piss In It And Give It To Russian When We Pick Him Up For The Party"

"Dude You Want This Coffee? I Dont Like It......... "OK".......LOL! Dude! You Just Drank Russian Coffee, "Huh" I Pissed In It! "Oh You Fucking Fagget!" LOL!"
by Tay Tay Pissed In UR Coffee! July 12, 2006

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