Historicaly, russia has actually been a very strong country. The person who posted above forgot to list the people who the Russians pwned, aka the Teutonic Knights, the Mongols (eventually, after being beaten by the Mongols for a couple of centuries), King Charles of Sweden, the Prussians, Napoleon, and the Nazis.

Even with all that, Russia, is growing weaker nowadays, mainly because of all the restrictions that other countries put on it.
But I have a hunch that Putin will become the next Tsar of all the Russias.
#russia #rossiya #russian #military #militaristic #putin #tsar
by El_Haggis September 12, 2006
A stupid country full of drunks and child molesters.
Brad: Dude that chick was from Russia!
Camron: Eeww
#russia #shit #fuck #dirty #gross #terrible
by unknown7777734 April 29, 2011
is another word for anal sex between men
gay guy: wanna go russia on each other?
gay guy2: yeah i love getting russianed
#russia #gay #poo #fag #mother
by big_Joe13 June 04, 2009
The world's leading supplier of mail order brides. Slightly less important than China, who produces our remote controls and McDonald's Happy Meal toys.
"Look, if I wanted a wife to nag my head off Drippy, I'd order one from Russia."
by nasuke July 17, 2004
You know the country that has the catalog wifes.
by Mr.X May 08, 2003
is the country which nobody likes (except of russians)....and why should russia like your country if you don't like Russia?
It was very hard time for Russia after Disintegration of the Soviet Union, but time goes and soon Russia will get it's power back.Don't worry, there isn't communism anymore so Russia (perhaps) is very benevolent ... :)
what's up comrades?
Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Moldavia and others say that Russia is bad that's why soon they would buy gas much more expensive.

Russia doesn't like Germany.

Russia is sorry about Poland, if that I know is the truth.
#russian federation #soviet union #other countries #comrade #poland
by anahe June 11, 2006
Russia is not the largest country anymore! It used to be the largest (with the Soviet Union) but since the downfall of the USSR, it has been divided into much smaller countries. Siberia is still the largest forest though.

(I'm not saying Russia sucks, it's just that most of you have been saying that Russia is the largest country.)
Now that the USSR of Russia has fallen, China may be the largest country currently.
#ussr #large #forest #siberia #hardest #language #to #learn
by Pseudonym?WTF September 29, 2010
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