Russia is the world's largest nation with a fascinating history and culture. It has achieved much eg. defeating Nazi Germany, sending the first satelite and man into space, and inventing the Kalashnikov rifle and Tetris. Russia is one of the only major powers that has the balls to say America is destabilising the world.
Slava Rossiyi! Slava Rodinu!

Glory to Russia! Glory to the Motherland!
by TheRussianBlade March 08, 2007
The one country in the world where we can conspire against the USA in freedom!!

Progress of Communism!!
Russia is cold...
by nz555 December 08, 2010
Country that pretended to be yugoslavias friend throughout all the european wars, and now pretends to be an ally of serbia. Altough they profit from every time they "save" serbia and former Yugoslavia. One such example being the Kosovo crisis, when they entered Pristina (Kosovos Capital) and demanded money from America. They got paid, and left, the end.
Serb : "Russia will save us!!!"
2 seconds later, shot in the head
by SerBSPeeD September 25, 2005
Thick primitive nation, constantly drunk,violent and loud.Have best literature and music in world.Probably have highies number of dictators in history of Europe who's don't give a flying fuck about it's people and send them to certain death in number of milions.Silly people taking everything for granted as their leaders told them (no more than americans though).Have good looking womens.
Lenin's idea of comunism wasn't that bad in theory but was executed dreadfuly,I like russians they have this estern toughness
by atemlos July 29, 2008
Russia is Nazi state in Asia. Russia are full with pidarasi which are ill with HIV and Aids. Russia is always poor.

99 % of Russians are stupid cunts. Also Russian Nazi leader Putin is known as pidar.
-What is the biggest Nazi state?
-It is Russia!
by norussianoproblem May 13, 2009
Russia is a sarcastic bitch who likes moles n saids GAH! alot. You got to love the Russia.
jacknthebeanstock-HEY RUSSIA HEY HEY HEY RUSSIA!
*plays with russias hair*
russia-chops his balls off.
by Lenny........ April 06, 2011
Horrible shithole of a country. I hear nobody is friendly there. It's a 2nd world country. A terrible place to live, so bad, that women from Russia sell their souls on the internet to foreign business men for marriage.
At the end of World War 2, Russian soldiers raped every German girl they could get their hands on from age 12 and above. Russians are monsters.
by soniccone June 15, 2007

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