Russia is country spreading from western Europe to the east coast of Asia. It is the largest country in the world, and has proven to be a powerful force in history. The people have a unique pride and devotion to their country, and would give it all for their homeland.

Unlike popular American belief, the weather most in Russia is EXTREMELY nice. Yes it is cold in SIBERIA and the winter, but that's what winter is. In the summer, there is usually a good average of 70-85ºF.

Also, even though Russia is known for it's vodka, that doesn't mean all anyone ever does is sit aorund drinking till their brains melt. It is true Russians enjoy a good drink, expecially some strong stuff at a family party, but they are not alcoholics.

I find the American fetish with Russian hats and accents really funny. :) To be perfectly honest, the hats they show in the movies must be 50 years old, and the accents aren't what true Russian accents sound like.
Strashna ne smert, strashna nevola!
(Feared is not to be death, feared is to be unfreedom!)

- A Russian saying to live by :)

RUSSIAN PRIDE! (I just had to put that in, because I would DIE for Russia!)
by laduejen2012 April 05, 2007
Really, really big and cold country full of really proud and angry people. We get drunk a lot. People there are lazy but highly intelligent, and usually have short tempers and faces like potatoes... :( Strong military. We have never been conquered. Difficult to get along with but we party hard. Poccia pylet! lol :)
if they look angry and they're wearing galoshes with tights, they're probably Russian.
by potatoface339 November 09, 2009
A country with a very rich history and amazing culture existed until 1991. Now it's so called "Russian Federation" controlled by greedy "new russians" who don't care about anyone or anything and just stealing and ruining what was created before them by Soviet Union and before that.
Russian police : Hey you there, speed limite was 60 km/h and you were going like 250
Dude: Here's 10 $ for ya bustard
Russian police: All right! Good day to you my friend! Oh, by the way, may i wash your car?
Russian with brain: Screw this governement, they didn't create democracy or anything. The factories don't work and no one is taking us seriously. And this reforms... now i have to pay 2500 rubels for electricity insted of 300.
by Der Ivan May 11, 2006
A country whose slavonic people wold still live in cave in Ural if it wasn't for almighty Bulgarian Empire to send them Cyrilic alphabet and scholars to teach them to read and write.
Person 1:Who gave Russia the alphabet it uses today?

Person 2:The bulgarians
by Nemski December 02, 2006
The country that saved the world by beating The Third Riech all the way back to Berlin in WW2 and thus turned the tide for the axis.
No! We americans won the second world war single-handedly!
Bullshit!! It was Russia!
by Storica August 24, 2008
a country of people who cant look after them selves, yet want to rule the world. they invaded half of europe and prevented these countries from developing. once however the ussr did fall apart these countries were far behind from the rest of the world, and are now trying hard to catch up. when berlin was divided into the east and the west (the russians had the east and allies (uk, america etc.) had the west. after a couple of years the west was developing with new factories and opportunities for pleople, however the east- well many people tryed to get over the berlin wall because of the poverty and no development trying to look for a better life but were all shot.- this shows that the only thing russia can take care of is downing a shot of vodka.
jim- hey bob, what are the russians best at?
bob- getting drunk, and fucking up the world jim
by darren mcgreen April 12, 2006
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