1. largest country in land mass
2. place filled with vodka, circuses, and bears on unicycles
3. homeland of the kossak hat
4. the place Sarah Palin can see from her back yard
1. Russia is 17,075,400 km^2.
2. Hey! There's a bear on a unicycle! It must be from Russia
3. Mishka: This is the best hat ever!
Mascha: Of course! It is from my homeland of Russia!
4. Sarah Palin: "I can see Russia from my back yard!
by Ivashka March 17, 2010
A large country with a history that keeps changing after Joeseph Stalin tried to erase it after the Czar was killed. The USSR broke up in 1992 and since then there has been no communism in the country.
Russia has a powerful army.
by HGHDSA September 26, 2003
The world’s largest country and the northernmost country in Eurasia, stretching from Finland to the Bering Strait and the Arctic Ocean south to the “stans” of Central Asia. Russia was the largest Republic of the U.S.S.R but is now the largest of the Commonwealth of Independent States after the Communists fell in 1991. The population is about 140 million or so and is concentrated in the western fifth of the country in Europe. Moscow is the capital and largest city and 3rd largest single city in the world with a population exceeding 10 million in the city limits alone.

Russia is a cold, arctic barren land making it the coldest country in the world by average temperature. Siberia (Asian Russia east of the Caucasus Mountains) is defiantly among the coldest inhabited places in the world. So much so, that many Russian prisoners are sent to Siberia in the winter to be tortured.

The weak Russian economy has nothing to do with the fall of the Communists, but everything to do with corruption in the Russian government that is squandering its numerous natural resources and oppressing the people. Since the fall of the Communists, Russian citizens have been suffering from severely long lines for bread and water. Its government is a Democracy on paper only, however Communism is still a reality even after the fall of the USSR. Its leader Vladimir Putin is a member of the Russian form of the KGB and is a Communist at heart and wants Russia to return to Communism.

The people have some cultural fettish with furry hats and boots. I have visited Russia and will admit that it is a very beautiful country. I spent a month alone in Moscow and it is a really neat city--the people are nice (much nicer than New Yorkers anyway) and the Kremlin is neat to see. It’s a major cultural center with numerous colleges, and is big in the fine and performing arts. It’s basically an Eastern European version of New York City.

If it weren’t for the cold and an oppressive government that ruins the economy and keeps people in poverty, I’m sure Russia would be a neat place to live.
by krock1dk March 07, 2008
A country of pride, nature, and bears on unicycles. The people are very nice and make you feel right at home (and if they want to be friendly and buy you a drink just let them do it trust me.)
Guy 1: OK we are unwanted strangers in a strange country what do we do?
Guy 2: Just try to blend in.

five minutes later

Russian: You guys are alright let me buy you some vodka
Guy: Please don't we have money I'll buy my own
Russian: How dare you, my money not good enough for you american, you son of bitch I will kill you!
by Russian friend July 08, 2012
A Large, beautiful country that occupies a sizable portion of two continents, namely Europe and Asia.

Russia has been a Christian civilization since the 900s A.D. Its primary religious body is the Russian Orthodox Church. Over the last millennium, the Russians have held their own against invading hordes of Mongols, Muslims, Napoleon, and the Nazis.

Russia is known as the birthplace of vodka, Cossacks, some great classical composers, and some of the world's most stunningly beautiful women!

During the early 20th-century, Russia suffered a violent revolution followed by a bloody civil war. The victors in this conflict were a slimy band of thugs known as Bolsheviks, a/k/a Communists. They murdered the Tsar and his family, and subjected the Russian people to 70 years of brutal dictatorship. Then Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher employed economic, diplomatic and "soft" military pressure to defeat the Soviet Commies and free the Russian people without firing a shot.

Today, Russia is one of the only countries in the world that can simultaneously (1) stimulate its economy with a flat tax, (2) show the world how to handle radical Muslims, and (3) show us how to deal with gay perverts.
Moscow and St. Petersburg have each served as the capital of Russia.

You don't wanna mess with Russia--just ask Napoleon!
by ThatOhioGuy January 26, 2009
In only 15 years after the horribly devastating nazi invasion with 27+ mln. perished and large part of its territory in ashes, Russia was the first nation in history of mankind to break through into space. Still the first in space today, even after decade of post-soviet chaos and poor management.
Not only that, Russia also helped greatly to improve American educational system by inspiring the infamous Sputnik crisis in early 60s. Yet NASA never really caught up, so now Russia generously gives them a ride. Why not.

Always feared and envied by the Western Cold War hawks and their poodles no matter what Russia does, because the West fears and envies everything they cannot swallow or control. Russia is repeatedly attacked and backstabbed only to patiently put offenders back in line and then spoon-feed them. Helped the French to discover their babysitting talents in 1812 and relieved Germans of their mental issues in 1945.

After each setback Russia emerges more powerful than before.
The first man in space was Russian. (And woman too)
by apll July 07, 2006
a place that Sarah Palin can see from her house
"oh look hunny! Its russia!"
by chloe_the_kid December 02, 2012

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