The coolest place in the world, really. Don't write anything about it if you haven't been there and know nothing about it!
Your birthplace can't make you famous, but you can make it.not only about Russia
by sig@ October 04, 2005
A place that can be seen from Wasilla, Alaska.
I can see Russia from my house.
by It's About Fucking Time December 11, 2010
Russia is the largest country in the world that stretches from the Baltic sea to the Pacific ocean in the east. Today it covers an Area 17 075 200 since the collapse of the Soviet Union and has a population of 144 million people. Also had the 3rd largest empire(after the British and Mongol empire) in the world which covered a land size of 22 400 000 up until 1918. Was once called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), after the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and is toady apart of the Commonwealth of Independent States, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Russia has the 9th largest economy of the world and is slowly becoming richer since the end of it being communist.

Russia is a huge country, with alot of resources and the potential to become very rich
by Jr. Stalin November 11, 2005
The country where warez servers are out of law.
- Where can I find some warez?
- Russian google, noob :<
by Herr Kriss June 06, 2005
The country with the world's most nukes, although they barely know where half of them are.
Bobby: Hey grandpa Joe, how many nukes does Russia have?

Grandpa Joe: Who the hell knows! And leave me alone will ya, I'm trying to take a nap.
by Ookpick GooseFrubba August 21, 2005
Russia is the biggest country in the world. Has a powerful military force and has made a big contribution to humanity. The country was in complete shit after 1991 when the Union collapsed, but since the beggining of the XXI century is experiencing a steady and large economic growth. Nowadays a big part of the budget is being spent on new sciences, like nanotechnology and genetic research. There are still many disparities between the capital cities and the rest of russia, but eventually that will straighten up. Birthrates are low and the fertility rate rate is subreplacement. But that's what happens in most of the West anyway. Yes, there are drunken fucktards, but most Russians actually have 2 or more higher degree educations. The vast majority of "russians" living in the US are actually Jews whose parents were born in the USSR.
guy - Russia is VERY big!
me - yes it is!
by ivan kuznetzov November 02, 2007
The motherland of everything awesome in this world:
AK-47s, the sinister Russian Mafia style, the old Zaparozhets, and my favorite, the Russian fur hat!

You fuck with me, you're fuckin with Russia.
by Big Russian May 01, 2006

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