American slang name for a Russian.

Came in existance during the Cold War between the U.S.A and the former Soviet Union.
The Americans are gonna nuke those evil Ruskies.
by Da Beast March 25, 2003
Someone who gets into Boalt with a 157 LSAT and a high GPA from a TTT.
Guy1: That person does not seem to be very smart. How did they get into this law school.

Guy2: Oh, that is ruskie.
by zinfandel December 10, 2006
A russian person. (A person from the evil country of russia that wanted to nuke the whole world)
shitface: I'ma fram tha caontie af ruusiaaa!
w00t: admin! he's a fuckin ruskie. kick teh bastard from the server!
by GRRR! May 17, 2005

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