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Someone who gets into Boalt with a 157 LSAT and a high GPA from a TTT.
Guy1: That person does not seem to be very smart. How did they get into this law school.

Guy2: Oh, that is ruskie.
by zinfandel December 10, 2006
American slang name for a Russian.

Came in existance during the Cold War between the U.S.A and the former Soviet Union.
The Americans are gonna nuke those evil Ruskies.
by Da Beast March 25, 2003
A russian person. (A person from the evil country of russia that wanted to nuke the whole world)
shitface: I'ma fram tha caontie af ruusiaaa!
w00t: admin! he's a fuckin ruskie. kick teh bastard from the server!
by GRRR! May 17, 2005