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The soundtrack for your life
Dude I only paid $71 for lawn seats to the Rush concert! I rule
by Beowulf 2112 August 25, 2007
77 26
An attempt of attacking a specific target in a fast and noticeable matter either in groups or a individual.
Oh shit we are gonna get rushed by those niggas behind us
by BrianLim March 11, 2004
110 60
The greatest rock band to ever grace the earth; Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart.
I've never met anyone who doesn't like Rush, and I've never killed anyone. There's a possible correlation, so I'd watch out if you have anything bad to say about them.
by Poop DeDoop March 01, 2009
56 12
A band that has musicians that are the craziest, most awesome musicians that humanity has seen. They piss excellence and shit greatness.
Rush > all other bands
by drummerboi777 October 11, 2007
67 24
An awesome Canadian band that was in their prime in the 1980's. They are known as the founders of 'math rock' and are normally filed under proggressive rock. The members are as follows: Bass/ Keyboard/ Lead vocals: Geddy Lee
Drums: Neil Peart
Guitar/ Minor Backup Vocals: Alex Lifeson
Check them out!
Joel: Hey, dude, you goin' to the Buddy Rich memorial concert?
Brett: Hell yeah! Neil Peart from Rush is gonna be there!
Joel: Rock on!
by Ark_Angel April 01, 2008
52 17
The Holy Trinity. 'Nuff Said....
Dude, that new Rush album is Godly!
Yes, They Are the Holy Trinity....
by QbanThunder November 14, 2010
24 1
Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Pert. 3 men combining a hurricane force of musical talent. Real Canadian Musical Ambassadors. Many Musicians Like Trace Cyrus, owe multi tasking Guitar(or Bass), Keyboard and Vocals to Geddy Lee.
Canada's Rush redefined Progressive Rock after England's Genesis. Rush reinvigorated the Spirit Of Radio. Why hasn't Rush given a berth in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
by WendyOKoopa May 09, 2010
28 6