A hick dictionary.
What does "slamonger" mean?
Look it up in the rural dictionary!
by Your Ass September 28, 2003
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A website which just redirects here.
I wish I had registered RuralDictionary.com, I'd have had it load UD.com but through one of those wacky filters to make it look all hick-like.
by Doc Sigma September 25, 2003
When the Word of the Day on UrbanDictionary recieves a majority of downward thumbs. This happens approximately once or twice per week as supposedly clever definitions completely miss the mark.
"Hey bro did you see UrbanDictionary's WOTD? It was totes mcgoats which apparently means "totally" to some delusional noob. Epic fail."

"Naw, they were just using their Rural Dictionary."
by Rochambeaux May 01, 2010
Like suburbandictionary, just redirects here.
I've got a bran new combine 'arvester!
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
A dictionary made by kids that live in the country whos mailboxes are miles away and drive tractors at age 13. Includes words like tractor pull and hay.
Guy 1- dude the word slut is not in here!

guy 2- DUDE your looking in the wrong dictionary

guy 1- what?

guy 2- thats RURAL dictionary. Not Urban Dictionary.
by Urbaner7863784682764 August 31, 2010
An online resource to consult when confronted with colloquialisms originating from rural areas.
The old geezer told me his wife had to go take a dunk 'cuz he just finished giving her a chicken-house slide.
I googled "chicken-house slide" on the rural dictionary at www.ruraldictionary.com and discovered that a chicken-house slide is a synonym for a Cleveland Steamer
by FarmerKC October 20, 2011
Obviously, there's no such thing!
Dude, why would you look up rural dictionary in the urban dictionary?
by mirmirladybug October 30, 2012
A dictionary that is not nearly as urban and cool as Urban Dictionary. It can also describe words that used to be urban, but have now become cool in rural farming communities.
Dagnabit would be found in the Rural Dictionary, for it is not Urban.
by Master_Jacen March 21, 2007

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