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Taken from swedish, meaning 'to masterbate' or more generally to waste time.
"Stop runking and get over here!"
by P. Hosler September 14, 2005
This is a word that can mean any thing you want it to mean in a given context.. so it could mean many different things depending on how and where u say it... it can also be modified, for example I am the runkmaster (the master of every thing)
I wanna go runk to the shops... ill runk this fucking hot bint so hard... Lets go on a runk mission( awesome mission).. that girl is so runkable(fuckable)
by TheRunkmaster July 28, 2009
Runny shit that is chunky.
Jon: I can't eat my sandwich anymore I think I got the runks.
by Schultzy235 July 03, 2009
A genre of music that is between rap and punk.
Runk music is taking over radio stations.
by kluu June 10, 2009
something that is so horrible, this is the only word to describe it
Miss Mazurek gave us so much homework! This is bunk 'n' runk! Shes an ass munch
by Tony Totino March 03, 2008
Runk is when your too drunk to say the word drunk and all you can seem to mumble is the word 'runk'
Kaitlyn Block I am not runk
by ash-a-lay March 23, 2005
A non-gender specific word, used when there is lack of a better one, often signifies an animal, baby animal or something cute.
Oh man here comes baby runk! So precioussss....(squeal)
by Chimixi Boonslala DiGiacomo July 05, 2003
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