runescape is a massively multiplayer online rpg (MMORPG) that sets the mood for a medeival time frame, and gives you skills to improve, quests to beat, etc. (i pretty much think you get the point). like everyone else has already stated, this game is very good at drawing you in, and noone knows why because the graphics are piss poor. Basically, a runescape is a game that has most people playing it, like diablo "did" (lolz), and draws you in the minute you get past the tutorial island. i only recommend this to people who have nothing else in there schedule and, overall, have absolutely NO LIFE. that is all... :)
"i dont know whats wrong; first, runescape, with its crappy graphics, just blows my mind, and then the red sox win the world series?!?!?!? PINCH ME PLEASE!"
by greg March 23, 2005
Runescape Is The Addictive Game On The Internet! (Literally.)
Still, Its extremely exciting for those who find roleplaying games fun. Were not asking you 'Noobs' to come up here and explain how 'Nooby' it is, Were just asking you to have fun! Its like a TV show, and I don't see you going and dissing a TV show off! So Shut up, Everyone loves Runescape :)
Freak: "Runescape Sucks! Lets go diss it off On Urban Dictionary!"
Normal Human-being: *Takes Out Bazooka gun and 'Rune 2h sword'* DIE!
by Sara February 25, 2005
runescape is a very very cool game which might seem boring at first but after like say couple of weeks of playin u'll luv it!!! and if u're a member then its extra extra cool. the game starts off with all ur stats(lvls) at 1 and combat lvl 3. u start off in a place called tutorial island where u get to know to speak do things n all that. then when u've finished ur course on tutorial island then u're free to do wateva u want to do. u got attack defence strenght hitpoints and a lot of skills like cooking fishing firemakin runecraftin herblore slayer farming and many many more and now u got the awesome.....wait for it------CONSTUCTION!!!!!!!!! u can build ur own house u can have a servant show off ur armour and all that stuff have beautiful gardens throne rooms and dungeons. its brilliant. also u got loooots of cwl armours on there and lotsa quests. TRY IT!!! it rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

p.s i garauntee that the game will be borin fer the first week or so unlees u got a runescape who can tell u wot to do (of course)
bryn0414: hey guess wot! yesterday while i woz playin runescape i ripped a guy off today. i traded him my obby shield(500k) for a gilded helm(700k)roflmao
redbull3892: wow thats nice and guess wot my magic is now 75 w00t w00t!!!!!
The bestest game in the MMORPG world, though many people consider it much worse than that fucking n00b game Ragnarok, is in fact probably at least 10 times better than RO or RF or whatever fauking R-'s u'd like to call Ragnarok. In fact, real gamers don't care that much about graphics, the theme is what's important. As people say, don't judge a book by it's cover. Now, don't judge a game by its graphics or what n00bs say about it!

BTW, for all who play Ragnarok, go play Neopets, that game sucks but easily owns RO or RF.
Runescape pwns all nubs
by Kevinfangs July 27, 2005
A game where me at lvl 70 died to a lvl62 palidin aand lost a rune full helm, ammy of glorry, ring of wealth, blue cape, and a rune kite (Yes I suck indeed). Oh and 59,000 coal till lvl 85 mining. <this will take about 5 months
I am a loser who sucks at life as well as Halo, runescape, paintball, sports and anything else you can think of.
PLAY MAPLE STORY!!!!!!!!!111111
by Loserkid January 06, 2005
1)The coolest game in the universe!
2)THe game i have dedicated my life to
3)my only source of happiness
**soul*less*girl**- hey some noob in fally in sellin mith kite rune scimmy and adddy sword 2k each

runescapeismylife89- cool where?

**soul*less*girl**-hes at the bank but hurry hes headed 2 the strong hold in babarian village

runescapeismylife89-thx will u take me there?

**soul*less*girl**-cant im going 2 the wildy 4 chaos runes then 2 the chaos temple *walks away*
by beach rose1 August 11, 2006
1-One of the worst games ever made
2-A game that ruins peoples life and causes them to not go outside and become losers
My friend never comes outside since he started to play runescape
by Matt The Best person ever June 04, 2005
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