Massive online multiplayer game. Some believe (mainly me) that is the actual real world, and that5 world we think is real is actually computerised. This idea is inspired by film "The Matrix" in which what people believe to be real is actually computerised, and only a small group know the truth.
"Your ignorant its obvious that runescape is real you noob!"
by Chris Jones March 24, 2005
A game degined by Jagex which is a MMORPG (massvive, multiplayer, role, playing, game) it can boring and kind of lame but when you are a mamber, WOAH IT IS WIKED. in a way Jagex sort of push you in to being a mamber so they get paid. unlike Maplestory, the only thing that benifits nx are the new treasure hunt of mv, cool clothing and stuff, and puchrasing rare items on stock in the trade.
person: runescape stinks it is unfair
member: it sucks if.... you are a non-member. it is highly addicting
person: i rather play maplestory beacuse it has doesn't require being a member to do cool stuff
member: ok i guess be my guess
by '-' .-. ._.ll May 13, 2009
A game that everybody oddly thinks is better then World of Warcraft... I'm not sure how you would even relate the two games, runescape is a flash game and world of warcraft is well... a giant MMORPG made by a professional company.
World of Warcraft player: Hey, do you play world of warcraft?

Runescape player: Ha, noob I play runescape, World of Warcraft sucks!

World of Warcraft player: Were you dropped on your head as a child?
by Wanna-be Anon? April 25, 2009
The best mmorpg ever made.
I was on runescape the other day and was staking at the duel arena. I staked 800mil and this other lvl 126 staked a christmas cracker. We went at it for a good 5 minutes and I eventually won with my abyssal whip and full dragon on to his abyssal whip and full guthans. We both ate a full inventory of manta ray.
A game that is fun at the start then sucks ass later on.
Runescape is fun I love this game *1 second later* Damn this game sucks balls.
by chinchilla2 March 13, 2006
a seriously idiotic game with absolutely no visible point. those who play it, start 2 talk 2 othazz who play it bout they shit, get on lyk idiotzz, and make all tha normal people around them feel lyk tha whole world has gone insane, cuzz lyk eybody keepzz goin on bout eything, and it seemzz lyk ey1 in tha room izz in2 this crap game.
a fella in ma class actually wrote up a contract 4 anotha fella 2 get him 2 do sum mining shit on runescape, tha PC GAME (<-----nigga, it is NOT real lyf! goddamn, i need 2 get out this school...)
by SICKofMLIS December 29, 2005
runescape is a massively multiplayer online rpg (MMORPG) that sets the mood for a medeival time frame, and gives you skills to improve, quests to beat, etc. (i pretty much think you get the point). like everyone else has already stated, this game is very good at drawing you in, and noone knows why because the graphics are piss poor. Basically, a runescape is a game that has most people playing it, like diablo "did" (lolz), and draws you in the minute you get past the tutorial island. i only recommend this to people who have nothing else in there schedule and, overall, have absolutely NO LIFE. that is all... :)
"i dont know whats wrong; first, runescape, with its crappy graphics, just blows my mind, and then the red sox win the world series?!?!?!? PINCH ME PLEASE!"
by greg March 23, 2005
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