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piece of crap MMORPG thats a disgrace to the internet
person one: I got a 2h rune sword n00b!
person two: Who the **** cares? i got a girlfriend
person one: omg u cussed, im reporting you!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
by Runescape is for homos March 16, 2005
54 60
The ultimate free online game. People rip on it because of the graphics but in reality if you were a true gamer graphics dont really matter as much as the gameplay does. Runescape is a game you play for the enjoyment of doing quest and have multiple jobs to do. You can do a lot in the game that you could do in any other game.
"Man im so bored." "dude you should play RS (runescape) "whats that?" a badass free MMORPG. "tight! what should i do?" "go make a character any way you want, and ill help you out." "sweet dawg!"
by Brad January 06, 2005
52 58
A game you should never play. It may seem fun at first but after 2 years you will say to yourself "Holy Shit! This game blows!".
Runescape is a game run by middle school kids because they don't halfto get off thier lazy asses and get a job at CVS, which you will in turn get fired from for no god damn reason.
by Linux System Message March 05, 2004
44 50
Real Uber Nice Epic Sweet Cool Awesome Pwnage... Epic
"Hey, I jus played R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E... u should join."

"Man, that football game was so R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E"

"Hmmm... Sounds like R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E out there."
by Katie Marie Bell October 03, 2011
6 13
The most addicting and monotonous game ever made. It consists of terrible graphics and massive amounts of 12 year-old noobs. If you hear anyone say it is good they have been brainwashed.
runescape zombie: omg runescape pwns!!! it is so cool! you should totally play it!!!

normal person: AHH!! get the hell away from me!!
by Old Kid August 14, 2007
5 12
(n.) an interactive internet based RPG. Runescape is thought to be the devil contained within java script. playing this game signs a contract of consent for the devil to consume your soul. Your life will be in shambles and your hair will fall out in clumps.

"i have been playing runescape since may of last year, ever since, my life hasn't been the same. My wife has left me, my son smokes pot uncontrollably and my daughter eats cow manuer for fun."
by Smutwagon10 September 16, 2006
12 19
A horrible game. I don't understand why people like it when they can play games like ROSE Online (roseon.com). Horrible graphics, repetitive gameplay, crappy player base. Never play it.
Don't play Runescape. Don't listen to people that have played it. If they say it's good, they haven't played any good MMORPGs.
by NightDragoon April 10, 2005
28 35