Runescape is an addicting game it consumes the young mind evry child who goes on it cant come off its very annoying trust me i know i have been addicted to this game for 2 years. but i have stopped now
My freind:
Jordan:wow look at my new totally cool runescape account with 30 mage and 1 strenth
School bully:im going to kill you so much you pee blood
#runescape #rune #geek #runescape nerd #jordan loose
by Rune scape hater February 26, 2007
An awful MMORPG where you pay $60 a year for GRAPHICS! Why do you people throw your money down the drain?? It's addicting, too, but somehow I got pissed off at the game and left the game for a few months, so now I don't play it anymore.
Boy: Dad, can I become a member on RS?
Dad: First of all, what the hell is RS, and how much is it?
Boy: RS is, Runescape, the best MMORPG in the world, and it costs $5 a month. If I become a member, I will PWN!
Dad: *thinks to himself* "So that's why you are always in your room, getting fatter every day." Son, I have to say no. I won't waste $60 a year on some extra graphics on a game just so you can show off. I advise you to quit the game, because you don't get exercise while you are glued to the PC. Why don't you go outside?
Son: Aww, man! Well Dad, since I can't get what I want, I'll just go kill some goblins on RS to wear off my resentment to you.
#ripoff #addiction #waste of money #mmorpg #rs
by Liz W. November 16, 2006
A crappy online game which is only popular because of its free status.
"They updated runescape yesterday! The graphics went from stick figures to claymation! oh yeah!" *high fives*
#mmorpg #rs #pking #drop party #free online game
by Destri October 08, 2005
An online game that, quite literally, could be cultivated and sold to crackheads because of it's massive addictiveness. Also, the graphics look like they were ripped directly from any game for Super Famicon or Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Populated entirely by people who think that by playing that they are socially superior to everyone else, while in reality, they are all just total n00bs. 5 out of 5 medical professionals agree that Runescape can cause extreme loss of sense of reality and immense n00bishness. Anyone who already hasn't had 3/4's of their brain devoured by this uber-lame "MMORPG" should go out and play Kingdom of Loathing...And, if by chance, you have started playing, I suggest you kill yourself and put yourself out of your misery.
Lamer1- I'm gonna go train of fire giants with my D Battle!

Lamer2- Lol Runescape r teh own!111oneoneone!

Sane, non neanderthalic person-...What the fuck are you talking about? Go spend your membership money on something more productive like crack.
by tehpwnerer August 03, 2005
Real Uber Nice Epic Sweet Cool Awesome Pwnage... Epic
"Hey, I jus played R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E... u should join."

"Man, that football game was so R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E"

"Hmmm... Sounds like R.U.N.E.S.C.A.P.E out there."
#runes #awesome #uber #epic #sweet #cool
by Katie Marie Bell October 03, 2011
The stupidest game on the planet with horribly bad graphics and way too many 10yr olds who think they are actually cool by talking in 1337
10yrold22: wtf n00b j00 dom hax0r ill pwn yor azz!!!11!!11!!1
weirdo482: stfu!!11!!!1 im teh m0s7 31337 H4x0r 3v3r!!!!11!!!11!!!!!
by G28401 April 07, 2005
piece of crap MMORPG thats a disgrace to the internet
person one: I got a 2h rune sword n00b!
person two: Who the **** cares? i got a girlfriend
person one: omg u cussed, im reporting you!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
by Runescape is for homos March 16, 2005
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