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A Very Decent and addicting Game, Although It Lacks In Graphics It Makes Up For Them In Gameplay With Over 20 Skills! You Can Fish , Wood Cut , Fletch , and so much more! If Skills aren't your thing there's always combat! You can Fight Via Ranged Mage and Melee! There's Always Somehing to do in runescape!
Person A: Dude I Just Got 88 Craft On Runescape!
Person B: Wow No WAY!! Mines only 63!
by Bewaffled1 November 09, 2006
Only one of the current Free Massively Multiplayer Games. It it probably the most easy to find and start. The most monotonous and oddly additive game I have come across so far.
A "runescape" is what you call any game that is just a knock off of anything else.

You can call anything a "runescape" if it has any of the underlieing problems:
1. over crowding
2. Too many 12 years olds on all the time
3. General lag or bad graphics
I found a new game the other day, its really good, only problem is i fear its becoming the next runescape. You, know, over-priced , half-done and laggy as hell.
by Bettermann February 25, 2005
Simple Definitions

1. A Brittish version of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Midevil Age lifestyle, stereotypes and the world's population of 12 year olds put into a blender.

2. gateway for 12 year olds for online dating

3. Mindless clicking processes put into one game.
4. Slang for a really poorly made game.
5.A new Japanese Fad (Possibly, yet still undefined.)

Background and review:

You are only able to be a human adventurer, seeking all the natural human needs. You have access to many minigames, over 20 skills and only so few actual things to do that are entertaining.

Due to the lack of any form of creativity from the Jagex Studios, many of the things in their game involve WoW knock-offs, ethnic stereotypeing, hallucinogenic 12 year old plot engineering and of course lack of physical limitations and logic.

Most originality is composed of the Japanese college students with too much time on their hands. This is literally traceable everywhere. Even from the most European influenced culture there manages to be easily identified as "Made in Japan". In example there are axes the size of surfboards that weigh in at 200 pounds, and a Sword possible bigger than weighs more. Each of them swung like they are feathers.

The game is a Java browser game, meaning the game is limited to the amount of graphics it can display without killing your computer. a 2000 person limit is made for each server, in this case there are 160 servers. Therefore, 320000 people can play at once.

There are many people with more than one account, as if one is not enough. These people who do this have failed to compete and need to re-try their attempt at getting things right fail at life as well.

The skills, so they call them are mindless clicking on an object hopeing for some event to take place. Even the simple process of cooking stuff takes more than 3 clicks.

The game is populated by people who are too bored to do anything else, along with 12 year old children, and people in obvious need of fresh air and a life. This calls for a needless censorship system.

Capitalism and Socialsim overtake the game's supposed economy, despite there being a item exchange area. The economy has dependence on it's already dead re-salvaged Player Versus Player Interface (PVP).

While on topic, unlike most games where you die and don't loose anything in items, you loose everything you carry with an exception of 3 or 4 items. This sometimes is very common in the incredibly stupid population of "runescapers".

Above all, this game's biggset challenge is quitting the game. The game lures you with temptation and addictions. Unfortunate for some, they have been envoloped since 1999, and loose their lives to runescape as if it was World of Warcraft.
1. "What the hell is this crappy Adventure Quest game? It feels like I am playing Runescape all over again!"

2. "Internet sex, or Runescape? Tough call..."

3. "Damn, this office work sure feels like I am playing Runescape at a maximum. At least this is productive to my bank account."

4. "Warcraft sucks dude. It's just like Runescape only with better graphics and something to jack off to."

5. "So help me god, if there is an anime about Runescape, it will make Naruto look enjoyable to watch.
by Satanic Gamer July 17, 2009
Runescape is an addicting game it consumes the young mind evry child who goes on it cant come off its very annoying trust me i know i have been addicted to this game for 2 years. but i have stopped now
My freind:
Jordan:wow look at my new totally cool runescape account with 30 mage and 1 strenth
School bully:im going to kill you so much you pee blood
by Rune scape hater February 26, 2007
An awful MMORPG where you pay $60 a year for GRAPHICS! Why do you people throw your money down the drain?? It's addicting, too, but somehow I got pissed off at the game and left the game for a few months, so now I don't play it anymore.
Boy: Dad, can I become a member on RS?
Dad: First of all, what the hell is RS, and how much is it?
Boy: RS is, Runescape, the best MMORPG in the world, and it costs $5 a month. If I become a member, I will PWN!
Dad: *thinks to himself* "So that's why you are always in your room, getting fatter every day." Son, I have to say no. I won't waste $60 a year on some extra graphics on a game just so you can show off. I advise you to quit the game, because you don't get exercise while you are glued to the PC. Why don't you go outside?
Son: Aww, man! Well Dad, since I can't get what I want, I'll just go kill some goblins on RS to wear off my resentment to you.
by Liz W. November 16, 2006
A crappy online game which is only popular because of its free status.
"They updated runescape yesterday! The graphics went from stick figures to claymation! oh yeah!" *high fives*
by Destri October 08, 2005
An online game that, quite literally, could be cultivated and sold to crackheads because of it's massive addictiveness. Also, the graphics look like they were ripped directly from any game for Super Famicon or Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Populated entirely by people who think that by playing that they are socially superior to everyone else, while in reality, they are all just total n00bs. 5 out of 5 medical professionals agree that Runescape can cause extreme loss of sense of reality and immense n00bishness. Anyone who already hasn't had 3/4's of their brain devoured by this uber-lame "MMORPG" should go out and play Kingdom of Loathing...And, if by chance, you have started playing, I suggest you kill yourself and put yourself out of your misery.
Lamer1- I'm gonna go train of fire giants with my D Battle!

Lamer2- Lol Runescape r teh own!111oneoneone!

Sane, non neanderthalic person-...What the fuck are you talking about? Go spend your membership money on something more productive like crack.
by tehpwnerer August 03, 2005