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Jimmy: "Come on, guys! Let's go play Runescape!!"

Henry: "Isn't that like a ghetto WoW?"
by Sasha C. August 17, 2008
Runescape is a medieval game created by Jagex. Basically you create your own character and level him, do quests, and become a better player than anyone else. Free players get a large map, a few quests, and basic items. Paying players get a giant map, tons of quests and millions of items and monsters to fight. Some find it a fun game to play, some find it addictive, and some hate it. But all those other comments about how it is way too addictive i think are lies. If you limit yourself too how much you play it you won't get addicted. Practically it's self-control.
the poor peoples world of warcraft
the reason kids arent outside anymore
i couldnt pay for an account on world of warcraft so i played runescape instead.
by newjerzey@yahoo.com April 14, 2008
Runescape is a game. A massive multiplayer online game to be exact. Runescape is a game where you kill people, get some cash, and kill some more people. Then you get so addicted that you can't walk past the room your computer is on without running and logging on so you can kill some lesser demons or something.
While playing Runescape, I found broken Torag's Hammers on the ground in the west Falador bank.
This is a true story and I can prove it...
by King_Pin666 October 25, 2007
An MMORPG that is normally played by people who have not played an MMO before, I think the game is great, always will, but the people you normally find on it havent played WoW or Guild Wars. Extremely addicting, like everyone has said. I remember when i first got WoW, I was about level 79 in RuneScape, I said "Man this game is so much better! Stuff RuneScape!". In the following months I was leveling up on WoW, then one day wondered how RS was going, So i just logged in, just to take a peep (Then back to WoW)... One year later I was level 116. I had only taken 5 minute "checks" of WoW, then back to RS. I lost a WoW account to RuneScape, It keeps sucking till theres no blood left.
Ex-Runescaper: Dude... Why the hell do you still play that game? It's no good...

Runescaper: NO IT AINT!

Ex-RuneScaper: I used to play, but now I dont. WoW owns RS.

RuneScaper: Go on RuneScape just quick?

Ex-RuneScaper: Whatever

10 minutes later...

Ex-RuneScaper: Dude! I just got 99 woodcutting and 99 fletching! I have two 99 skill capes!! Wooo!!

RuneScaper: I might try world of warcraft...

Ex-RuneScaper (Sort of...): Whats world of warcraft?
by Some guys who likes poo April 02, 2007
MySpace with dragons.
Runescape is to MySpace as Monica Lewinsky is to Bill Clinton.
by Alexis Rose December 16, 2006
Ruenscape is the msot addictive game I have ever played.Two years of it and I still hope to get the same things.Decent graphics,player made storyline,interlyign story in quests,lots of content.overall I say it's a good game btu the staff is getting lax.
you:runescape's monday update!finally!
**a few minutes later**
you: i can catch butterflies?WTF!!!
by beastruler December 02, 2006