A steaming heap of shit found on the internet and played in between masturbation sessions by total fucking losers.
I tried Runescape yesterday! That's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back!

I'd rather suck Bea Arthur's dick than play Runescape.

Knock knock,
who's there?
*stab in face*
by The Bonerdagon September 07, 2007
A very addicting game, this game sucks so much nuts but once you play it you can never stop. You will be on 24/7 wasting your life on this game getting your levels up so you can wear some gay fucking armor. Once you start playing there is no way to quit unless you get banned then you might be able to. My advice is to not ever try playing this game, you will be addicted for life. DONT EVEN START PLAYING IT
Jeff: Yo Bill you want to come to my house after school and play some basketball?

Bill: No I have to get my guys level up in runescape

Jeff: u still play that gay game

Bill: yes

Jeff: no wonder u havent had a girl in ur life and u already a junior in high school

Bill: shut the fuck up i hate u i will own u in wildy

( the next day )

Bill: fucking hell someone hacked my account im gonna go kill myself now because my life has already been taken away from me anyways.
by blackanese21 August 26, 2007
runescape, really bad game that has consumed many souls
Starting Runescape was the worst decision i ever made. It is a shity game full of scammers, hackers and just all round cock-smacks. 99% of playars are overweight 12 year old loosers or 40year olds trying to add you on myspace. This game slaps dick so hard....
...if u disagree with me you are a knob head, cause this game is extremely lame, the most expensive item in the game are paper hats called "party hats" people sit their clicking on a rock or a tree to get enough resources to sell them to buy these items. However due to the amount of how quickly their price increases it is now almost imposible to obtain one.
Pking-Player killing, this doesent work beacause if someone is about to die they will porbably just teleport. In free version the wildreness is full of pure mages that pray on new players(noobs) to make money. This never works but because the noobs will usually be holding worthless items.Pking isnt even fun because huge clans will just come and kill you. Even if you are in a clan usually the leader keeps all the profits.
Scams-The game is full of scammer that you have to be weary of. The most popular scam in free version is the "gold trimmed amrour scam" where someone will claim they can trim your armour if you give it to them.
History-When i originaly started runescape it was ok, their was no members and far less 12year old nerds. The people in the game heped each other out more, the game was a game and people had more fun. Now players dont play for fun. People usually play till they reach a ceratin combat lvl (126) and quit or they gain a level 99 stat.
members-you get more "map" size, however you have to pay for the game, you also get some mini games, quests and skills. It makes the game much more addictive.
Players-Zezima-RS player that has all stats 99, this guy is a uni student and he obviously a looser with no life as he has 700m xp in the game.
Skills-Their is no skill required to play this game, it just needs time, and in regards to construction and herblaw, money. The skills are all second rate except maybe for fletching. One can make money faster per hour just merchanting.
Addiction-60% of runescape players are addicted to the game. Last month some guy killed himself becuase his friend stole an item called a
white party hat" of him. Serves him right, we got enough loozers in the world!!
Me-I am glad a quit this game. It took up alot of my time, i thought it was fun at the time however when i saw my marks dropping i quit on that day, now i am a happy everyday guy that you will walk up to on the street and say hi!!!

never and i mean ever play runescape. and if you do quit!
by greek willy September 13, 2006
The biggest black hole on Earth. Once you're sucked in, you'll never get out.
I know that Runescape is gay and I want to quit, but I just can't help playing it!
by Don't play Runescape May 03, 2009
Boy 1: Hey, do you want to come over to my place tomorrow?
Boy 2: Cant.
Boy 1: Oh... why?
Boy 2: Leveling up...
Boy 1: Huh?
Boy 2: You know? Combat, attack, strength, possibly mining but I'm not sure yet... I think I'll be going up a magic skill point soon too...
Boy 1: Oh, er, okay. Maybe some other time then?
Boy 2: Mmmm. *sigh* I love runescape.
Boy 1: okay, yeah catchya.
by GmoneyBRO. February 07, 2009
Addictive game that warns you about playing it to begin with: RUN. ESCAPE.
Runescape is addictive, I should have run and escaped.
by LazyAPES July 10, 2008
A MMORPG that has multipule stats. Not all the people are addicted to the game. Yes, i agree some of the people are extremely addicted to the damn game. Still if you play the game do your self a favor and go out side like an hour a day everyday, this is unless you have a life and play a everynow and then like me and most people do.

But if you are like zezimaand have no life go grab a gun and think real hard what have you done with your life. If you can't think of 5 things then pull the trigger while the gun is aiming at your head...
Bob: Wanna go to a party?
Dave: sure gimme a minute i am gonna log off runescape
Bob: when did you last log on?
Dave: An hour ago.
Bob: oh i thought you were on all day.
Dave: nah but Will was on for 3 fuckin days!
Bob: Damn, he is fuckin obsessed!
by Xerozemus September 15, 2006

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