An MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) created by Jagex Ltd, a game developing team who doesn't give a shit about their players, pursues their own greedy wants, and believes their players are all incapable of thinking. This game has become overrun by annoying brats and little kids. There are two versions: P2P (Pay to play) and F2P (Free to play). With P2P you get more of everything. This used to be a great game back before 2007, but since then it has gone downhill due to the ridiculous changes made by Mod MMG, the chief developer. I advise you to not play this game. You may get addicted, and in the end you'll find yourself hating Jagex and/or Runescape and being bored of the game because they changed or completely got rid of something you loved, and you'll have wasted all that time.
Older players:
Player 1: "Dude, Runescape sucks now."
Player 2: "I know, that's why I quit yesterday. I can't believe I wasted all that time on it though."

Younger kids, new players:
Child 1: "Oh coolz this game iz so fun!"
Child 2: "I know, let's ask our mommies to make us members!"
by wannabehacker October 31, 2010
A very addicting game on the internet. There is no clear goal or point in the game, all you really do is try to get as much experience in each skill as you can, and wear nice expensive rune or dragon armor. Runescape consists of a free world, which is not very large, and a member’s world which is gigantic, and includes more weapons, armor, items, skills, ect. It's only $5 a month to be a member.

There seems to be some competition between Runescape and World of Warcraft (WOW), in which most of the people you talk to will say WOW is better. However, WOW is somewhere around $15 a month, there is no "free server" (As far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong) and takes up a ton of memory on your computer. Runescape seems to be the better alternative because you don't have to go to the store and buy expansion packs for it, and you can play for free if you choose.

One big problem with Runescape is that many people create what I call “Auto Noobs”, which are accounts that people make that repeat the same task over, and over, and over again all day long without anyone having to control it. People do this to make millions without having to lift a finger, and it’s really annoying. They are easy to spot, they are almost always very generic, tan shirt, green pants, black hair, and usually under level 5.

I advise you never start playing because you won’t be able to stop. Before you know it, you and your kids will call into school and work with ridiculous excuses just so you can play Runescape all day, and let your brains rot for the Hulu aliens to eat.
Matt: "Well, it's time to go to work, but I really want to play Runescape."

Matt calls in sick.

Matt: "Hello boss, I'm afraid I can't come into work today, me and my family were in a terrible plane crash. My whole family is dead, and I'm now a vegetable. See you tomorrow."

Meanwhile, the Hulu aliens slowy eat the reamins of his brain which rotted away from the many hours and hours of Runescape it had to deal with.
by Dewit April 22, 2009
A steaming heap of shit found on the internet and played in between masturbation sessions by total fucking losers.
I tried Runescape yesterday! That's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back!

I'd rather suck Bea Arthur's dick than play Runescape.

Knock knock,
who's there?
*stab in face*
by The Bonerdagon September 07, 2007
A MMORPG that has multipule stats. Not all the people are addicted to the game. Yes, i agree some of the people are extremely addicted to the damn game. Still if you play the game do your self a favor and go out side like an hour a day everyday, this is unless you have a life and play a everynow and then like me and most people do.

But if you are like zezimaand have no life go grab a gun and think real hard what have you done with your life. If you can't think of 5 things then pull the trigger while the gun is aiming at your head...
Bob: Wanna go to a party?
Dave: sure gimme a minute i am gonna log off runescape
Bob: when did you last log on?
Dave: An hour ago.
Bob: oh i thought you were on all day.
Dave: nah but Will was on for 3 fuckin days!
Bob: Damn, he is fuckin obsessed!
by Xerozemus September 15, 2006
The biggest black hole on Earth. Once you're sucked in, you'll never get out.
I know that Runescape is gay and I want to quit, but I just can't help playing it!
by Don't play Runescape May 03, 2009
Boy 1: Hey, do you want to come over to my place tomorrow?
Boy 2: Cant.
Boy 1: Oh... why?
Boy 2: Leveling up...
Boy 1: Huh?
Boy 2: You know? Combat, attack, strength, possibly mining but I'm not sure yet... I think I'll be going up a magic skill point soon too...
Boy 1: Oh, er, okay. Maybe some other time then?
Boy 2: Mmmm. *sigh* I love runescape.
Boy 1: okay, yeah catchya.
by GmoneyBRO. February 07, 2009
Addictive game that warns you about playing it to begin with: RUN. ESCAPE.
Runescape is addictive, I should have run and escaped.
by LazyAPES July 10, 2008

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