Once I saw the light i quit this game, at the moment the people who play this game still need a mum or dad. Andrew Gower who is apparently #31 richest in the world, has got all his customers to worship him.

Runescape is a MMORPG based in the old times, people chat about it and have fun on it. The fucktarded thing with it is that Jagex do not give a shit about it, .

Along with that, there are Quests and Minigames which you can play including: Castle Wars, God Wars and Pest Control. With that there are skills and combat where you can indulge in. Cooking is the main skill and is favourited by "skillers".

Making friends on runescape is so easy, just ask some gay retarded 3 year old to be your friend and he will say "yes plz, plz free stuff". The players of it have now become zombies and cannot wait to try out their new tactics as soon as they get home. 50 year olds play the game to get a pixel friend or wife. This is the lamest thing ever, a wedding in pixel form.

It's the most addicting game and the hardest to quit, it has connections with WoW but personally I think WoW is much better.

PKing, short for player killing is famous, so famous that Jagex decided to remove it. Before this update, you could kill people at get their items and teleport or run to safety, or share items with your PKing partner.

Membership is waste, $5 a month and you get more benefits which are shit and don't matter. £3.20 or so for the UK. Phone and Mail are used to get member pins.

Macroers are Andrew Gower's wives they spoil the game for him that he gets a spaz attack and ruins the game. If you start this game, then you better quit for the best. This game was amazing at first, but as you get on its actually boring.

Videos of runescape is all over the web and almost impossible to avoid when searching for some stuff. Players of Runescape type in 1337 all the time.

Dont play, dont delay, do it and you have to pay, make the wrong choice and you end up gay.
Andrew's son died in wildy so his dad decided to take it out. His dad was so upset when his son "bob" lost 1gp in a fight.

Runescape is gay, quit before its too late.

A 40 year male old asked me to be his bf.

I lost my plastic sword irl, time to eat my fish, oh shit I choked on the bones.

Every one wants to suck Andrew Gower's mum.

boy: I buy santa hat 20M! Please sell me, Miss Fisher!!
teacher: erm..ok nerd..

boy: Im gay
girl: me 2

I cant wait to try out new updates!!!

Oh shit my mum died, time to play runescape to clear my worries.

dad: Joe please come for dinner!!
girl: no thanks i just ate a full meal on runescape.
by Downtown wtf December 17, 2007
Top Definition
this game reminds me of people playing snkae on cell phones. once youve played it and you get bored later, its the first thing you think of doing. you know its a waste of time but you cant stop. i advise you to NEVER play this unless you want it to consume your soul... i wish i hadnt gotten into it...
runescape has a better chance of taking over the world than hitler had...
by some guy February 03, 2005
Runescape is a very addicting game. I used to play Neopets which i thik is gay now. But this game brought me away from everything, my friends and family. Now i go upstair and the first thing i do is play runescape. I now give my self more time to spend with my family. This game is addicting and before you play you should no when its time to stop.
Dad:hey lets go play some b-ball
son:No, i am working on runescape maby later.
three days go by
dad:now can we play some b-ball
son:No im still working on runescape
dad: you have been on it for days its time to stop!
dad turns off pc
son:i hate you i will never speak to you again!
by stanchess8 June 06, 2005
Ignoring all the other comments, this is seriously one of the most addicting things (not just games) that I have ever done. I seriously recommend that you never start playing. Recently a kid sued JaGex for $5000 because he didn't go to school or anything, he just played this game. Seriously from someone who is actually addicted to this game and has been for over 2 years: DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!
The most addictive game ever created, its gotta use subliminals
by Elppum June 06, 2005
An MMORPG loved by some, hated by others. Most people who critisize this game don't give it a good chance. I personally did not care for it the first six months of playing. I would've stopped if i didn't get addicted. Now after about 1 1/2 years, I'm really starting to like it. And also, people who complain about the graphics arent true gamers. Graphics do make up a game, but not COMPLETELY. I personally would give this game a 9 out of 10. I pay a few hundred dollars on gamecube and ps2 games a year, and I still end up liking runescape better. It's also free =)
Addicted player: Runescape is awesome!
Game Critic: This game is horrible, I didn't give it a good chance though.
by anonymous January 17, 2005
An online adventure game that turns normal aspiring human beings into brainwashed robots.

I myself know from experience; i played this game for over 4 years starting in 2002. Let me tell you, in my 19 years of life, those 4 years were the darkest, most desolate years ever. I quit soccer two years ago to make more time to play. I ditched guitar. At this time two years ago, (1:37AM), my "rune night" would have begun and continued well into the afternoon of the next day.

The feeling while playing this game is ironically satisfactory. While playing, you think of nothing but the game. Personal and worldy affairs don't mean a thing. In fact, the most important thing on your mind is when and how you're going to get that next combat level. A news report about a bridge collapsing in Minnesota and plunging 50 cars hundereds of feet into the Mississippi river won't phase you. If you're away from runescape, i.e. in school, you find yourself thinking and fantasizing about the game, as if you're going to have sex with an incredibly gorgeous woman when you get home. Oddly enough, after playing, you feel a a feeling of resentment, from yourself and the declining number of people you know, regardless if those people you know play Runescape or not.

The addictive quailities in this game are stifling, as simple movements of the finger are ONLY required to play this game. Yet the game is a drug. The fact that goals in runescape are extremely infatuating to achieve and are much more convinient to achieve than real life goals are what make this game addicting.

Luckily, the players are in Runescape are starting to decline in terms of maturity and decency, which is helping to draw some players away. But this is not enough. If you want to quit playing, it has to hit you. I sat on my rooftop on a cold Decemeber night at 3AM after playing for hours and reflected on what Runescape does for me. The answer is it doesn't mean a god damn thing, even though those skill goals are drawing you back to the game. The thought of wasting hours to fuel a ridiculous addiction plagued me, and finally i said fuck it. I wanted to go back inside and play the game so badly, and I did. This time i took EVERY item and owned and dropped it. Made a bogus and lengthy password and recovery questions by typing in the answers while closing my eyes and my addiction was cured.

That was four months ago. I have not been back, and never will be back. My account is locked by my own doing and will forever be lost. This game came close to ruining my life, had i not taken action. Bottom line: if you are addicted and know you have to quit, do it now while the thought is fresh and before you are thrusted back into the lies of Runescape. Act now, destroy your account, and you will be cured.
Studies show that runescape has increased suicide rates by 20% since the release of RS2
by pajaime December 05, 2007

A game made by Jagex Ltd. Which is an MMORPG (Massive, Multi, online roll playing game) Basically all you do is earn stats, money, and items. Theres a free and p2p version. The p2p version is over 3x as big, 2x more quest, alot more monsters, and more skills. It is updated usually every Monday.
Runescape, a game by Jagex Ltd.
by Rossroth2 July 05, 2005
An MMORPG(Massively Multipplayer Online Role Playing Game) with about 75,000 people playing at it's peak times. Reached 200,000 subscribers in '05. It has 2 versions. They are called F2P (Free 2 play) and P2P (Pay to play). F2P is fun and free, but with P2P you get tons more map space. RuneScape is commonly abbreviated as RS.
Hey, let's go play RuneScape.
What's your combat level on RuneScape.
by Inquisitor911 February 14, 2005
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