RuneScape is a Java-programmed MMORPG made by Jagex. With over 9mil free players and more than 850k paying members, RuneScape is among the most popular online games in the world. RuneScape offers both free and subscription content and is supposed to be accessible from any location with an Internet connection, the farther away, the more lag you receive.

RuneScape is divided into the Kingdoms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin, the tropical island Karamja, the Kharidian Desert, the Wilderness, and some other areas. Players can travel throughout the game world on foot, using magical teleportation, gnome gliders, spirit trees, fairy rings, and other methods of transport. Each place has different types of monsters, materials, and quests to entertain and challenge players.

Players can engage in combat with other players or with monsters, complete quests, or increase their experience in any of the available skills. Players can also interact with each other through trading, chatting, or playing mini-games.

New players begin in a secluded area populated only by other beginners, Tutorial Island. They are led on a set path where they learn most of the skills needed to succeed into the real game. In this tutorial, you can get all the non-member skills up apart from RuneCrafting and Crafting. After completing the tutorial, players can access information from tutors located in the towns they explore. These NPCs can replace some basic equipment items if necessary. Since it takes many hours to develop a character, many players regard playing RuneScape as a lifestyle, not a side activity. Playing RuneScape can be addictive, and some people play RuneScape more than they do anything else, like, unfortunately, me.

Jagex has included music, sound effects, and ambient noises throughout Gielinor to enhance gameplay. The music, while often a simple tune, is designed to enhance mood and help to define the underlying cultures of the various locations around Gielinor. Sound effects, such as the "sploosh" heard when a lobster trap is submerged in water, are heard as players train their skills. Ambient noises, such as the cry of seagulls flying over the ocean, occur in logical places. Players can turn the music and sounds off if they prefer.

Skills in RuneScape are abilities that enable players to perform activities in the game. Players gain experience in a skill when they perform activities that utilise that skill, such as mining ore from a rock to increase the mining skill. In general, the higher the level required to perform a task, the more experience points the player receives, the faster they can complete the activity, and the more desirable the result. The combined skill level of a player partly symbolises the player's status in the game. The RuneScape hiscores tables can be viewed by all players, and players with higher overall levels are well known.

RuneScape has 23 trainable skills in four categories: combat (attack, strength, defence, magic, ranged, prayer, and hitpoints); extraction (mining, fishing, woodcutting, thieving, and farming); processing (smithing, cooking, crafting, runecrafting, fletching, and herblore); and independent (firemaking, agility, construction, slayer, and hunter).

Combat is an important aspect of the gameplay in RuneScape, as it is one of the most direct ways of gaining wealth and is needed to start and complete many quests. Combat level, determined by applying a formula to the seven combat skills, is usually referred to simply as "level". The highest combat level is 126 and it is the only information about the player that is visible to other players while in game apart from their username. Other skill levels increase total levels and overall rankings for players, but not their combat levels.

Combat is subdivided into melee, magic, and ranged categories. Melee attacks are close range with or without weapons, magic attacks focus on using runestones to cast spells, and ranged moves use projectile weapons. Most of the game's weapons are medieval or fantastical in nature and feature different strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike other games in the genre, RuneScape does not require players to choose a character class. Players are not bound to a specific category of combat, and they may freely change between all three forms of combat at any time simply by switching weapons, armours, or methods of attack. Players can even carry the weapons and armours of the three combat categories in their inventories, switching between or even combining the forms at will.

Quests give players the opportunity to experience adventures within the realm of RuneScape. Most quests require specific experience in skills or combat. Quests are divided into four categories according to difficulty. Novice quests act as tutorials to acquaint new players with the various skills and abilities they will need to succeed in the game. Intermediate quests are designed for players who seek harder obstacles, while experienced and master quests are designed to challenge RuneScape's most experienced players. Many master quests open up new areas of RuneScape to be explored.

Quests include rewards upon completion that depend on the difficulty of the quest. Rewards often include money, items, access to an area, or an increase in skill experience. Quest points are also awarded based on the difficulty of the quest. As demonstration of a player's prior accomplishments and ability, a specific number of quest points or the completion of specific quests are often required to begin a quest, enter a specific area, access some skills, or use special weapons. Some quests are part of an overlapping storyline, the most famous of which has been in RuneScape for several years and currently contains seven separate quests. There are currently about 20 quests available to free players and about 100 additional members quests.

Many non-player characters (NPCs) populate the realm of RuneScape. Although some NPCs, such as shopkeepers, have game functions that require them to be unavailable for combat, most NPCs can be attacked. Attackable NPCs are generally referred to as monsters, regardless of their race. Monsters range from common, low level creatures like chickens and bears to unique, much more powerful monsters like the King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, or Kalphite Queen. Each type of monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. Demons, for example, have low defence against magical attacks while dragons have extremely high defence against magic. Monsters may also be aggressive (attacking any player who comes within range, regardless of combat level), non-aggressive (not attacking players unless provoked, regardless of combat levels), or partially aggressive (attacking only those players whose combat level is twice theirs or less). This can make certain areas within the game dangerous to players depending upon their own combat levels.

RuneScape features independent mini-games for its players. Mini-games take place in certain areas and normally involve a specific skill. Mini-games usually require players to cooperate or to compete with each other. Popular mini-games include Castle Wars, which is similar to the real-life game Capture the Flag, and Pest Control.

Players can fight against other players in player versus player (PvP) combat in certain areas of RuneScape. The most common place is in the Wilderness, where players risk their lives, but more importantly their items, challenging other players. Players can engage in PvP combat without risking their items in mini-games such as Castle Wars and the TzHaar Fight Pits, and in combat arenas or dungeons in player owned houses. In the Duel Arena, players must agree on the rules of engagement and the stake before combat between them begins.

Random events are short interludes that occur during the game, requiring some form of player input. They were introduced to deter players from using automated programs, known as macros or bots, to play the game with no human interaction. The use of such macros is forbidden and will result in the permanent ban of accounts found to be using them. Postings in the RuneScape forums by Andrew Gower suggest that random events were designed not only to hinder macroers but to alleviate the monotony that can occur while leveling skills for long periods of time (referred to as grinding).

Some random events are simple, requiring a player only to click on an NPC or to leave the area temporarily; others require more sophisticated actions from players, who must respond to these events quickly and correctly to avoid a negative effect, such as being teleported across the map or taking damage. Players are usually rewarded for responding correctly to random events.

Three random events have been removed from the game by Jagex: The Watchmancitation needed, Tangle Vine, and Dr. Ford. The purpose for their removal varies, from the event being too dangerous to players, simply causing a sum of graphical problems, or just being a major inconveniece to any player who gets that random event.

RuneScape is, as many people admit, highly addicting and is what most people call relatively fun. It is, in my opinion, interesting and a great way to pass time when you are nervous or bored.
Player: What's RuneScape?
Me: Please read my definition or those which have been supplied by others.
Player: Ok...
by Knight7645 January 03, 2007
1. An MMORPG set in a medieval time frame, with skills to improve, mini-games to play, and is often filled with stupid people calling each other noobs to feel better about themselves.

2. Anything that is really addictive and devours your soul.
1. I'm gonna go play Runescape all night long.

2. Runescape is such a runescape
by beejabeeja May 09, 2006
this game has affected my life since i was 14 and still haunts me to this day. this game takes you over inside i tryed to get ride of it in many ways but it keeps coming back. never start playing this game. never. it consums you and makes you crave to get more money its so so sad that this can happen to humans by a video game. this game is very similar to cigs, drinking, and crack. when you try runescape its nearly immpossible to get it out of your life it still haunts me till this day and i have been runescape free for a year
My friend (when i first moved to a new area): lets go on runescape
Me: ok
My friend 1 year later: What level are you?
Me: OMG dude i cant stop playing i threw my life out the window and i cant stop i have no friends because i moved to a new area and cant stop thinking about runescape fuck you!
My friend: Me too! im so sorry for ruining our lives!
by fyou January 31, 2009
a ridiculously addictive RPG overrun by 11 year olds
a common occurance in runescape
Lordfire8894:hahahahaha n00b!
Dragonslayer01: im so nt a noob i cud beat u in the wildy easy
Lordfire8894: i bet u dont hv an ice whip
Dragonslayer01: i had 3 until i sold them for rune armour so there

another common occurance in runescape
happybabe674:du wana b my bf?
klingonqueen: no
happybabe674: plzzzzzzzzzz
klingonqueen: no
happybabe674: ill pay u 2 b my bf!
klingonqueen: just go away!
by spidercat September 26, 2006
A Pay To Play MMORPG that offers a very limited free service to new players. The game is plagued by players who can p00n j00 pl0x. The game is also plagued by Asian goldfarmers who macro in the game and sell the money to give other players an unfair advantage. The company Jagex tried to stop the autoers, but if you go to yew trees today, you will still see level 3s with asian names macroing. Runescape is heavily plagued by scammers as well.

WARNING. This game is severely addicting and will suck you in if you start playing. The game is addicting because once you get extremely good in one skill, you will want to start becoming the best in another skill, and it never ends because the company keeps on adding new skills.

Their forum system is extremely strict and controlled, and your posts will be locked, or usually *hidden* if your comment portrays any truth about the game. For example, I was permanently banned from the game because I posted that the player mods are just stupid ban happy 12 year olds that will ban you simply because they are jealous of your stats. If you have a negative thought about the game, do not post it on the forums because it will be hidden and locked within 20 seconds.

The highly addicted players have around 300,000,000 exp in the game, which at a rate of 50k exp per hour, gives them a grand total of about 6,000 playing hours. This is the equivalent of about a years paycheck of around 40,000-80,0000 dollars for the average person not enrolled in college.

Stay away from Runescape, save your time, your social life, and get a job!
Person 1: Hey Paul wanna go to the party tonight?
Paul: No thanks, I have to hit 85 mining to night so I can mine rune ores! Then I am going pking with all my Runescape friends.
Person 1: Wow. Loser.
by P R O Cook June 09, 2006
The game with the capability of consuming your soul into to a never-ending torture of being called a noob, getting owned in Wildy, and failing History class because when your homework asked you "Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?" you answered "Zezima with an abby whip and a rune defender".

Runescape has socially killed more people than Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Genghis Khan combined.
Brian: Hey, I'm going PK'ing tonight on Runescape. Want to join?

Stan: No way, ever since I stopped playing homework, I've actually been able to leave my room and inhale fresh air.
You hear that Brian?? FRESH AIR!!
by Shaeghda October 27, 2007
An entirely dumb as hell game created by Jagex Ltd. that encircles lives of children. Basically everyone that plays this game hasn't seen sunlight in 4 months besides walking to their school busstop, and constantly talks to their friends who really don't care about how they leveled up and are training their crafting skill to make dragonstone jewelry. Most of the time, kids playing Runescape have never seen a better game online, and enjoy thinking that they can get a girl other than their "GFs" that they give online gifts to because it's their one way of escaping the reality that they can't get a date.
OMG dude I just got 72 smithing!
Good for you, I don't care about dumb-as-hell Runescape.
Shut up or I'll own you in the Wildy!
by A Speaker of the Truth August 16, 2006
a very dangerous,addicting,life ruining game!!!
runescape has ruined my life permanently. i probably have the worst case of it here.i lost almost all my freinds,and the ones i didnt lose are so close to being gone they basicly are. i had the worst social life ever. soon my grades dropped so severly i failed the 9th grade,the first time in my life staying back, soon by the next year i dropped out and became depressed not knowing why the hell i was doing so bad at life. i would come home and sit on the computer all day to regain my happieness not knonwing runescape was the one causeing this in the first place. i was a lvl 101 with 85 mining 99 fletching 99 cooking 80 smithing 4 santas,knew almost everyhitng there is to know about runescape,basicly the lifless nerd. i sat on my computer all day and thought that i was just bored and liked the game.soon after my first year playing runescape i got arrested for trying to be my social self again and acting cool to gain freinds back. after tho i realized that i would never be my true self ever again.i knew i needed help but i didnt know where to search,i didnt know runescape could acualy be addicting it sucked me in way to fast with a tight grip.the only thing i had on my mind was suicude, i thought i had a mental ilness that coudnt be cured. i thought my life was ruined and could never be repaired, i thought the only way out of this misery was to kill myself.well my mom which lived in florida(i lived in new hampture with my dad) found out about this and was so pissed she sent my aunt (which also lived in new hampture)to basicly kidnap me and sent me to florida on a plane. i even almost got arrested at the airport trying to run away. i was so depressed and torn up,so messed up with illness and confusion i thought my life was truly over now,not only did i have no life,no freinds,no education,but i had no computer!! after about 3 months with no computer i started slowly coming back. 4 months i could see the change,and right now im on my 5th month,and i can proudly say i hate runescape. im not fully back yet no, but im doing a hell of alot better than i starting to get my life back on and i only have one thing to say about runescape. never ever get into it!!! it will completly ruin your life! if you think that i just took it to seroiusly or played to much then your worng. i started just like any other noob. i played nonemmeber about 1 hour a day,then soon 2 hours,then 3,and fianly at the end i played members up to 18 hours average a day!i think what hurt me the most is the withdrawl of it. you see what happens it you acualy get mentaly addicted to it,and your brain only realeses the chemical to make you happy when your playing runescape. when you stop and go back to real life,(withdrawl) it makes you feel as if somthing sad has happened and you cant even try to ba happy! its acualy not how nerdy or lifless you are but acualy,its a matter of luck whether your brain will kick into the addiction. i think personaly that runescape is a very dangerous game!everyone playing it should stop imeddeitly. to tell you the truth i would give my life away right now if i could put an end to runescape. i dont want this to happen to any more people. i have read stories from all over the world saying its taken there souls too,and we should do somthing about it! so im here to tell you my story,and hopfully you will read this before it happens to you too.
by cain binette February 26, 2007

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