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A sad person that plays a very addictive online game called runescape. They are paying for something which is so boring and tedious i cant believe it sometimes.

The people who are "members" are simply putting money into the developers pockets and they think they are having fun clicking polygons for many hours of their lives.

They have been sucked into the game from when they first started as free members and are now brainwashed. They can do nothing but play for many it is their life.

The game itself is very poor in graphics and music and these poor soles that have become stuck and can only hope to be hacked so they can stop playing and see their madness.
Mum: Come and have your lunch
Runescape Member: Later, im not hungry.

(30 Mins later)

Mum: Eat now or not at all! I will not call u again!
Runescape Member: OK, in 5 mins after this quest.
Mum: OK

(5 hours later)

Runescape Member: Mum im hungry, I just died.
Mum: You haven eaten yet? You are banned from that game
Runescape Member: NOOOOOOOOOO
Runescape Member:*Kills mother* now i can play! No one can stop me!
by Super Noob May 15, 2006
A paying member of the Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game known as Runescape. These people are usually thought of as "nerds" or "geeks" who say pwned in real life because they just discovered the word from an online forum. They are not considered nerds because they play an MMORPG(MMORPG's are quite cool), it is the fact that Runescape lacks decent graphics, gameplay or music. These people are usually high leveled which is due to them spending most of their time wasted on "training".
Guy #1: Whoa! why are you jacking off on that picture of World of Warcraft?

Guy #2: I've got to shoot my load somehow and I couldn't find a picture of Counter Strike.

Guy #1: Wtf?! What a loser, stop being such a nerd!!!

Guy #2: Well atleast I'm not a Runescape member.

Guy #1: I see your point. A Runescape member makes someone like you look like hte coolest, pimpin' guy in the world.
by BMad May 26, 2005
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