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1. common place where lvl 3-60 noobs go and act like they're lvl 126 and they think they are the shit because they have MOd powers.

2. they ban u for saying noob and posting ur clans link

3. common place to host drop partys to get noob's hope up but u dont drop it just laugh at noobs

4. emos are worshiped here.
ex 1
lvl 126: omg i got banned for saying peenor and calling an emo mod a noob.
lvl 120+: lol how ghjjf of him
lvl 126: yep thats runescape fan sites for you

ex 2
lvl 3: pmg i gon get jooh warn lvl up nub!!21!
lvl 125: so?
lvl 3: liek i got a 1337er sig and i warning u noob.
lvl 125 *puts website on urbandictionary*
by Lord_HaVok52 September 15, 2006
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