Seeing as how Napoleon was at one time bigger than Microsoft, I don't see how france will always be known as pushovers. yeah, they took a big 'L' in WWII, but damn! The Japs would get creamed in a ground war today and they used to pimp china daily!
That guy who spit in Jane Fonda's face ran like a Frenchman.
by idiot buster April 21, 2005
Top Definition
1) A slight insult, but overall, a compliment. Origionating from the French and their absolute nil military victories, it is said that by now they should be quite good at running the other way.

2) Running that looks like a girl running, but is still quite fast. After all, if you run from all those wars, you'll get rather good.
guy 1: Dude, Jimmy runs like a frenchman!
guy 2:...y'mean...really fast?
by Clayton Bigsby April 19, 2005
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