slang word referring to those of a non-white, but not necessarily black ethnic origin, primarily Middle-Eastern.

Contraction of the name Rumpleshitskin.

Based upon the popular fairytale character Rumplestiltskin.

Interchangable with, Raghead, Dune Coon, Grit Nigger, Nappy Head, Towel Head etc.

First used by Jerry Black, of Plymouth U.K. on 10.04.2008.

"My mate in the Marines had a fucking great time in Iraq slotting Rumples."
by Jerry Black April 14, 2008
Top Definition
A type of drinking game where the participants shake up an unopened beer can to add pressure, and then proceed to smash it against their heads. Winner is the first to get enough of a stream shooting out to drink the remaining beer.
I'm totally hammered, me and the guys did a few too many rumples before we went out.
by coozie August 22, 2012
When stoned, to perform a dance entertaining your fellow stoners with humourous rhytmic movements to the beat of jaunty, bouncy songs. Culminates in the rumpler placing one leg on aan available plinth (chair/table/tree-stump) and thrusting his arm triumphantly in the air clutching a broom/stick etc.
"Joe has exceeded his limit tonight, won't be long before we're treated to one of his legendary rumples!"
by Lewis1983 May 19, 2005
To give the appearance of being disheveled, messy, unkempt, untidy, or scruffy to a person, object, situation, etc..
"Watch out! I just got all cleaned up and now you knock me onto the ground!"
"I am so sorry. I got you all rumpled...let me help you tidy up. It's the least I can do."
by Jame$m88 April 05, 2014
a short midgetlike man or women that is weird and goofy,rumple stands for rumplestiltskin the fictional character. Who was a short deformed midget.
Micheal Cook is Rumple.
by A.W. Anonymous April 10, 2008
the visible lump(s) that result from shitting your pants in underwear, briefs, or any skin-tight variant.
Diana totally has rumples in her pants, but at least her hair looks AMAZING! OMG.
by Jake Menashe February 23, 2005
Prior to the act of anal intercourse, the gentleman produces some saliva onto his fingertips or directly onto his partners anus to lubricate the anal insurtion!
If your a gentleman you will not forget to rumple first!

"Hold on dear i still need to rumple!"
by Joe Armstrong January 19, 2006
'Rumple', meaning an ecstacy tablet, has its origins in the bowels of a popular night spot in the midlands. Usually consumed by a chinned creature, often closely resembling rumplestiltskin. He will almost certainly be lost in his own mind. Hobbies chiefly include gurning.
"Excuse me mate, any chance you've got any cheeky rumples i could purchase?"
by Nick Warren & Andy Richardson November 13, 2004

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