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a dumb ass animal
the dog is barking. oh what a rump roast
by dolphinstew101 October 09, 2009
2 14
Engaging in anal sex until your asshole burns .
Man, my boyfriend gave me such a rumproast last night my ass is still smoldering.
by Meat Wad February 20, 2005
46 14
The act of anal intercourse without proper lubrication.
Hope your hungry bitch, cause we're gonna haves us a rump roast tonight.
by John Moran September 06, 2005
34 17
Used to describe a hot female ass
1. Yo dawg, look at her rump roast
2. Ya man, but im too busy to tap that...math man
1. ure a douche bag man...just look at it...cummon man roast that rump
2. no man can't...math man
by Country Bumpkin February 23, 2005
33 28
A slang term that means a nice ass. Usually referring to a female.
"Dude, check out that bitch's rump roast!"
by Peeyimp December 01, 2007
15 14
the act of cooking someone from the inside out with a curling iron in their ass
the tragic cause of death was rump roasting
by killmeihavenolife December 25, 2009
13 13
the act of putting your hands on your hips and swinging your pelvis in a circular motion while saying rumproast repetitivly. Its a dance. For your friends only dont do this in public.
do the rumproast do the rumproast, upps there is a person watching us shut it down boys!!!!
by miss juice box friends February 27, 2012
0 3