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1. (verb) To devastate/clog ones clitoral cavity by means of a semi-erect urethra.

2. (noun) pertaining to a sexually active individual mid to late teens who in the climax of intimacy releases copious quantities of bodily fluids.

3. (verb) To stain ones anal nook

4. (verb) The use of ones genitalia to penetrate a vaginal crevasse.

5. (verb) Derogatory term for someone who practices vaginal intercourse religiously.

6. (adj) Tainting ones virginity.

7. (noun) a registered U.S citizen who’s exercises coitus.

8. (noun) one who mingles with an individual of the opposite sex
1. i put my glock to the back of my main bitch laquisha's dome-piece and forced her to preform fellatio in the back of my 1976 Chevy chevelle knockoff and the she woke up and saw me so i carved her a fifth hole and rummelsbaked it.

2. legend has it that Graham cracka rummelsbakes with such intensity that he fractured Alex's rectum.

3. Graham cracka likes to rummelsbake with k8itlin.

4. Emily's ass is making me randy i would like to take her out to my villa in the country side for the weekend and rummelsbake that shit.

5. I'm rummelsbaked for that test tomorrow.
by the real pussymonster December 09, 2009
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