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Verb. To be identified or picked out by a narcotics agent, police, or anyone else around that could potentially rat you out for drugs.
"Take the phone. I don't want him to rumble my voice." WSB, The Soft Machine, p. 6 (1961).
by Gene Tenon April 10, 2006
25 26
(Verb) To rumble someone (or oneself) is to significantly impair their (or your own) successful functioning in any aspect of life, usually either through laziness or alcohol.
"Are you ready for the exam?"
"Nah bro, I went out on the piss last night, didn't get home till 6am. I've rumbled myself pretty hard."
by thewordinator May 30, 2013
4 6
Any woman exhibiting obese to super obese tendencies jiggling freely on a motorcycle.
Person A: Look out your window.
Person B: What is it?
Person A: RUMBLE! 9 o' clock
by Capt. Allo October 11, 2011
4 8
to have the ability to screw-up a wet dream.
O man I can't believe he declined that trade, he pulled a Rumble.
by DaBolognaKingFurmundaYaNutz February 17, 2010
11 16
a fight, or to grass on someone
theres a rumble in the street, or he nicked them fags, im gonna rumble that fucker
by supertad June 02, 2005
11 17
Old school NY brawl involving chains, bats, brass knuckles, sometimes knives and other non-lethal weapons to settle rivalries with the street gangs. Also, a precursor to driving around in a car and just shooting at random people who might be selling weed
Ayo my pops used to rumble in wash heights back in the day on some Warriors shit, ya feel me?
by brassmmonkeijunki August 31, 2008
15 22
A drinking game developed at The College of William and Mary and associated with Theta Delta Chi fraternity and its friends/groupies. The game is played as individual flip-cup and after each round, the last person to "flip their cup" is out of the game. In order to insure the individual understands their personal level of failure, the entire room yells "You Are Failure" at the member exiting the game. The game continues until one player remains standing.
Dude, I rocked Rumble last night, I hope they offer me a bid!
by Drinking Games R Us April 23, 2010
6 15