a sport loosely based on rugby, different in that the losers are wrapped in upholstery or rugs, blindfolded and dropped off in brothels to be left to lustful elderly men
Sam killed himself rather than suffer the fate of the losing ruggy player.
by rugbizatch December 30, 2003
1. To get swayzee with a girl, and rushing to do so.
1. "Damn this girl was takin' forever so i had to ruggy her"
by jahjah123 February 03, 2011
To indulge in overactive singing of 'camp' 80's songs, and/or characters, e.g. "lady in red" or an obsession with David Hasselhoff
Yeah i went to that post ironic 80's night, but it was a bit 'ruggy'
by Yer Ma October 09, 2003
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