A retarded sport gay British men play for an excuse to touch other men. Rugby fans commonly say American football is gay so they don't feel bad about themselves. Rugby is the most retarded sport ever and only cum guzzling faggots play it.
Bob: Hey Tom want to play rugby because were faggots?

Tom: Sure Bob, I'm in the mood to wrap my arms around gay dudes legs and squeeze their balls!

Bob: Oh my god cool, I hope we can have a gay 15 person orgy later with every teammate!

Tom: oh my god yes were so gay hahahaha!

Bob: Hahaha were faggots!
by The 12th man February 03, 2014
The game that is harder than soccer or American Football to play
We don't have pads, we have a mouthguard, boots, shirt, shorts and optional headgear that isn't metal. It's soft.
We don't fall over when a stiff breeze blows, we actually have big hits etc.
The greatest country for this is New Zealand. The us could be good if more people played
Wanna play rugby?
Yeah sure, it's the greatest game in history
by Woodax September 25, 2013
A town in Warwickshire, England where the sport Rugby was invented. With more car parks and charity shops than people, Rugby is the complete opposite of any place a sports fan would want to visit.

Also home to the prestigious Rugby School, the town has at least a bit of culture which is disregarded completely even though the school buildings and houses take up most of the streets.

(Sometimes referred to as Drugby)
Rugby fan: Let's go to Rugby on holiday this year!! We can visit sports museums as a family, visit famous restaurants and take part in the many activities I'm sure will be going on in this "happening" town!

*le searches it on the world wide web*

Rugby fan: Hell to the no.
by Im a teen- get me out of here! September 02, 2012
Rugby is for real manly guys to play and for us girls to drool over the guys. Its a game for more upperslass people and gets rid of the football knackers!!!!
Irish knackers are filth, scurms of the earth and play football.
Upperclass irish guys play rugby.
by Na-na May 03, 2005
Mooning with your pants on
Naked rugby would be endless mooning by the scrums etc
by silverman November 17, 2013
A sport where real men play.

A sport where real skills count.
A sport where it involves kicking skill, passing skills, a good brain and strength.
A sport where it can't be compared to any other sport

when soccer players say it's a sport without any skills, why dont you try to run for 80 minutes tackling people and running with only mouth guards on

and american football is just for dumb fuckers i guess

fuck off football players who say 'try running for 90 minutes with only shin pads guarding you'

we only have mouth guards
Hey, is rugby a good sport?

fuck off, isn't it obvious you pussy cunt? get off your ass and play some ball
by playrugbyyouweakcunts March 21, 2011
A sport men use as an excuse to lie on top of each other and touch eachothers penises.
by swagalicious69#swag January 13, 2015

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