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A town in Warwickshire, England where the sport Rugby was invented. With more car parks and charity shops than people, Rugby is the complete opposite of any place a sports fan would want to visit.

Also home to the prestigious Rugby School, the town has at least a bit of culture which is disregarded completely even though the school buildings and houses take up most of the streets.

(Sometimes referred to as Drugby)
Rugby fan: Let's go to Rugby on holiday this year!! We can visit sports museums as a family, visit famous restaurants and take part in the many activities I'm sure will be going on in this "happening" town!

*le searches it on the world wide web*

Rugby fan: Hell to the no.
by Im a teen- get me out of here! September 02, 2012
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A sport where real men play.

A sport where real skills count.
A sport where it involves kicking skill, passing skills, a good brain and strength.
A sport where it can't be compared to any other sport

when soccer players say it's a sport without any skills, why dont you try to run for 80 minutes tackling people and running with only mouth guards on

and american football is just for dumb fuckers i guess

fuck off football players who say 'try running for 90 minutes with only shin pads guarding you'

we only have mouth guards
Hey, is rugby a good sport?

fuck off, isn't it obvious you pussy cunt? get off your ass and play some ball
by playrugbyyouweakcunts March 21, 2011
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Rugby is for real manly guys to play and for us girls to drool over the guys. Its a game for more upperslass people and gets rid of the football knackers!!!!
Irish knackers are filth, scurms of the earth and play football.
Upperclass irish guys play rugby.
by Na-na May 03, 2005
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A game played by people that have most likely never picked up and read a book in their lives.
The game involves a number of hot and sweaty man grabbing each other and rolling around in the mud; despite this, rugby players are often very homophobic.
If you ever see a rugby player, it is a good idea to run away as there is a risk that he will 1) take his clothes off and put his 'gentleman's sausage' very close to your face, or, 2) grab you by the head and punch you until you vomit out your own small intestine and pass out in the street. It is safe to say that if you are attacked in any way by a rugby player nobody will help - reason: rugby players are scary as hell.

Many argue that rugby should be made illegal in school PE lessons, but if there was no violent sport to keep bullies distracted, they would most likely just attack all the nerds whilst they are playing chess or reading books.
Guy 1: "Hey man, want to go roll around in the mud and get all sweaty and then sexually harass some nerds?"

Guy 2: "No way man, why would I want to do that?!"

Guy 1: "Because it's rugby!"

Guy 2: "Oh, OK. Now it's not weird at all!"
by mrscoobs April 06, 2014
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Mooning with your pants on
Naked rugby would be endless mooning by the scrums etc
by silverman November 17, 2013
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A gay mens sport, where they must play with each other, chase each other, grab each other, make the most awkward positions, where tight short shorts, chase after balls which aint even round. It also takes up alot of TV, usually takes over The Simpsons, which makes rugby more gay!
rUgByFaN123: OMG! the all blacks lost :'(

Intelligent Person: Rugby is gay! /life
by CA3B20A3G October 07, 2007
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A true game of two halves: rugby league - the game played in heaven (why do you think Jesus had 12 disciples) by supremely fit and hard men and rugby union played by fat blokees and a kicker. Aparently England are good at this because they have a player who can hoof the ball over from 50 yards, and an ex rugby league player that can score tries.
Amazing, I've survived a game of rugby with only two injuries.
by FB November 26, 2003
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