The best game in the WORLD (NRL) followed by rugby union. NO panzie ass padding or fuckin reinfoced helmets for poots. WE plat a REAL MANS game of football.

there are 2 types of winning in the game:
- the team with the most points on the board (so im told)

- the team who won the FIGHT (has less concussions and less broken bones, blood, torn ligimnets, sprains, twists etc



americans play panzie girl football (wear more padding then a bed)
by akapat September 09, 2003
Great game in real life, suckass video game. Got it? Go. Go play rugby right now.
Only real women play rugby.
by Maggie Maggerson June 07, 2006
Union: A game that takes balls to play. Gibby is playing it in heaven right now.

If you are part of the pack you fight over the ball every time there is a tackle and make up the entire scrum. Tight (3) or Loose (1), propping always hurts. You get both sides of the scrum squeezing your vertebrae together. 2nd rowers (locks)(4/5) love to grab props nads. Flankers always break off early on the defensive side and make the tackle (6/7). The 8-man is pretty versatile in that he both stops the ball with his feet and does 8-man pickups. He tends to be a large, strong, technically sound player.

The best forward #2- Hooker is an incredibly important and difficult position. They can vary in size from the largest to the smallest player on the team. In every scrum he must either get the ball from the scrumhalf and hook it back with his foot or try to steal it from the other hooker (I love doing that from tighthead). It is the position with the most pressure as well as the most dangerous position if a scrum collapses. (I have had 400 kilos/880 pounds on my neck). Hookers also throw the ball in during lineouts.

If you are a back you can be a pansy and kick it away, be an intelligent back and pass it just as you are tackled, be a manly back and get tackled by a forward who is twice your size, dodge around people and score, or try to imitate Johnny Wilkinson.
There are 7 backs. The Scrumhalf (9) is similar to a quarterback in American Football. It is the scrumhalf's job to toss the ball out at every ruck. They are excellent decision makers. The Flyhalf (10) is usually a good kicker and is the scrumhalf's backup. He is always ready to be the first pass out from the scrumhalf but can be ignored entirely or skipped. The inside and outside centers blend together and are just people who get passed to (12/13). The wingers cover the sides of the field and can also kick.

The best back #15- The Fullback. Possibly the most mentally stressful position. On offense, he melds with the backline and does as much or more than the outside centers.
The last line of defense for the rugby team. Any kick that goes deep into either team's territory will be recovered by the fullback or will be a try. Some fullbacks are more skilled than punt returners in American Football and will break three or four tackles befor going down. If a player breaks a long run and gets passed all the other players, he has a one on one with the fullback. Fullbacks are without question the best tacklers. They never miss.

League: Like union with less players and without rucking, a bit slow. Mainly Aussies (Roosters) and some Kiwis (Warriors)
The fullback caught the ball at the twenty-two and ran it up the touch line to the other twenty-two. As he was tackled he passed the ball to the unmarked hooker who dived in for the try just as five of the other teams players reached him.

The finest game of American (yes that's right, we play too) High School Rugby. Go Lions, beat Xavier
by Flowerman February 26, 2006
An awesome sport requiring teamwork, fitness and willingness to get beat up by the other team. Points are scored by touching the ball down past the opponent's goal line, preferable under the H-shaped goal posts. This is called a try and is worth 5 points. Kicking the ball through the H-shaped goal posts above the crossbar is another point scorer. This, if done directly after scoring a try, is called a conversion and is worth 2 points. If your team gets to try and kick the ball because the other team got a penalty it is called a penalty kick and is worth 3 points. Rugby is demanding and lots of fun. Rugby is a fun game to watch, shout from the sidlines of, and abuse the referees of.
New Zealander: Rugby Rocks! And the All Blacks can beat every Rugby team there is!
Australian: Yea Rugby is neat. And umm well yes they can I guess.
New Zealander: :) Thanks for admiting it :)
Australian: Yea
English guy: The Lions beat the All Blacks!
Austrailian: Yea they did!!!!
New Zealander: Yup. They sure did. After the All Blacks beat them twice.
English guy: Umm yea forgot about that for a sec.

And so, you see, The All Blacks rule the rugby world!
by The All Blacks Rule!!! March 27, 2007
Rugby is the ultimate test of overall manliness (strenght, speed, power, strategy, character, loyalty).

Unlike in some codes of football (which shall not be named), loyalty towards your teammates is ranked above everything else including personal comfort. Therefore you will not find any players rolling on the grass with their knee in the air because of a chipped nail.
Guy: what did you do this weekend?
Rugby player: played a game of rugby, got a black eye and broke both me legs. Not much really.
Guy: man, that must suck.
Rugby player: not really, we won so it was awsome!
by Import aussie rugby bloke April 15, 2009
A kick-ass sport. Basically involves sprinting like your pants are on fire (for backs) or smacking the shit out of people (for forwards). Oh and there's a ball too. Two kinds: Union (for real men) and League (for pansies). Lots of people say its better than football b/c there are no pads. People, football pads don't stop you from being beat up. Football players are usually bigger and hit harder, so there's no real difference in toughness. Soccer blows ass though.
Guy 1:Man I'm pissed off
Guy 2: Go play rugby and kick the shit out of some dudes

If you want a sport that's fun and gets chicks without making you into a jerkoff jock, play rugby.
by rugbyballa August 22, 2006
A game that is in fact a lot better than football. You run faster, hit harder, have little rest, get punched on a constant basis because the other team that started it thinks your dirty (it's not my fault), and at least in Wisconsin someone gets a concussion a game. Why do pads make it more dangerous? They cushion you and slow the players down a bit. Football has a stoppage every 10 seconds, while Rugby does not.
I speared a guy so hard in Fond du Lac he didn't get up for a few minutes then ran over and tackled another dude. Finally, I ran after some massive forward and said "Aww, Fuck it I am playing rugby". Then I whipped my body at him to slow him down because he was twice my size and could bench press my whole family.
by Phillip Kaltenbach August 17, 2006
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