1.An excuse for European and Australian men to molest each other under the guise of sport.

2. The most caveman like sport on the planet.
Wow, rugby players sure like to grab each other.
by LimeyCocksuckers April 03, 2006
Shittiest sport in the world. Everyone says it is a real man's sport, but I don't think I feel comfortable having guys hoisting me up by my shorts... sounds more like a homosexual excuse to touch some other guy's nads.
Rugby sucks. Plain and simple.
by YAYO'S HOME September 03, 2005
I'm so fucking tired of people saying Football is "Soft Rugby". Now think about this, imagine if your watching a Rugby game, only that all the players had Motorcycle Helmets and VERY hard shoulder pads made of hard plastic. The tackles would be 10x as hard with these items on. While I will admit that these things DO make the tackler feel less pain when they tackle an opposing player, it DOES make the person recieving the tackle hurt A LOT more.

Not only that, but the game of Rugby contains no strategy whatsoever. While in Football, you have to memorize over 400+ plays and 17 Formations and you have to do it PERFECTLY. Like for instance, your a Wide Reciever and the QB says "42 red Right" you must know EXACTLY what rout your going to take, whether it's a hook, slant, straight, etc. None of that in Rubgy, you could be a complete dumbass and still be succesful in Rugby, that's not true with football.
Rugby should be renamed "Soft Football With NO Strategy"
by Geeter August 23, 2006
A game played by a bunch of euro-trash 200 lb. men who ware really short pants, and is watched by a bunch of rich euro-trash men who think Rugby is better than Football because in football you have pads. Honestly, who could not LIVE through ONE GAME, without pads in football. I mean, a game lasts 4 hours and you get tackled every play. There is one term in football called a sack, where a 400 lb. Defensive End (Who can bench press 200-350 lb.) will tackle the querterback. The QB is 175-225 FUCKIN POUNDS! Now let me tell you, a hard enough hit could very well paralyze him for life (And it's happened before. Just like when Oakland Raider's Safety Jack Tatum tackled a New England Wide Reciever to paralize him for life in the 80's.)

Misconceptions about Football:
1. There usually are no substitutions unless you have a very big lead, becuase the coach dosn't want his players to get severely injured

2. You only get 3 timeouts a half, I mean they are hardly noticible

3. The men in football arn't fat, just very muscular, in both there arms in legs

4. It's not homosexual, just like Rugby's not homosexual.

Things that suck about Rugby:
1. It's called a man's sport but is played by women and people in wheelchairs.

2. It's watched by upper-class Euro-trash

3. All of it's fans say it's better than Football but have never seen football game in there life (Unless they live in Germany)

4. It dosn't require nearly enough strategy as football

5. They were very short pants

6. It's a wannabe version of football

7. It's boring compared to Football, Basketball, Baseball, and even SOCCER!

8. SOCCER is better than this game!
Yeah football players were pads and helmets, but for one the helmets look cool as fuck and keep both your head from cracking and from 400 lb. men from snapping your neck, and the pads prevent people from giving you bruises all over your body.

And Yeah, Rugby dosn't have pads or helmets, but you have to take into account Rugby players arn't that big and a Linebacker or Defensive end in football can be 2x the size of a rugby player, and a defensive end and linebacker both have to tackle men who are half there size. I mean, if American Football didn't have padding everyone on the offense would be dead at the end of the game, as these guys can lift up 300 lb. and can run 40 yards in 4 seconds. Now when you have a 400 lb. guy who can lift 300 lb. and is running 10 yards a second and he's comming right after you that will cause you to be paralyzed every single time, pads or not.

All in all, Rugby is for a bunch of rich 200 lb. pussies who argue that it is better and more hard hitting even though football players are twize there size and can run much faster then them. It's a boring sport that's fans are obviously are all idiots and wastes of life because they talk shit about a sport they no nothing about and should just shut there Euro-Trash mouths!

P.S. I know I'm getting a thumbs down for this
by Spikesy May 15, 2006
Noun: (See also eggchasing)
A bizzare sport played with a ball shaped like an egg that bounces oddly.

Created after some guy was so rubbish at football he picked it up and ran with it at private Rugby School, England, also known as Toff's Palace. Also known as 'the Darkest day in Sport' ever.

The idea of Rugby is to run the egg over the tryline of the opposing team. Alternative points can be scored by kicking the egg between two goalposts (H-shaped) at the ends of the rectangular pitch.

NB: Rugby is a terrible sport. The reasons why follow:

- Is the only sport I know that actually ENCOURAGES you to fall on another man's rear
- The ball is the wrong shape
- Played by snobs who call it 'rugger'
- People pretend its an international sport when really only '6 nations' (4 of which are currently or where part of Great Britain) can be arsed to turn up in the whole of Europe (even San Marino cobble together a team for football, 16 countries make up the European Championships in football) and the only other countries who care about rugby are in the Commonwealth - Great Britain owns them!
- Has two forms to disgrace our TV screens with - Union and League
- You can kick the egg out of play for your benefit (?)
- Anyone under 6'0" can't really get involved

Overall, rugby is crap. England are current world champions beating mighty forces in world sport such as Georgia and Romania to the final. A game for closet homosexuals who like to feel men up when in a scrum.

Play proper sports that are truly international like golf, tennis and football. Ditch the ugly blot of 'sport' that is rugby.
For God's sake ... Grandstand have Rugby on all day again. Turn on Soccer Saturday - a proper sport everyone cares about!
by Oxford Lad June 03, 2005
1/4 of the game of football. For one, in Football you can forword pass, in Rugby you run, and you flip it to other players. You don't need to be smart in Rugby, because there is no strategy. The whole game is a group of players taking a ball and trying to run with it into an endzone. How is that fun, anyway? I have seen several Rugby games (Mostly at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim) and I honestly have no idea what the hell is so great about it.

Tackling in Rugby is latching onto another player and getting them to the ground. In American football tackling is running as fast as you can and delivering a blow to the gut. Other tackles include the helmit to chin move, Where The only thing stopping the person teach from going into there gums is a mouth guard.

Becasue there is no strategy, there are no breaks, and as a result it is very fast paced. Maybe in Europe is is a good thing, around here we don't care less about how many commercials there are. Commercails just make the game longer anyway.

Most people from europe say it's better than American Football. Most people from europe also do not have American Football.

Rugby for girls? Are you retarded? Pads make the game HARDER AND MORE HARD HITTING!! Seriesly, who the fuck said football is for pussys!? HAVE YOU SEEN A GAME OF FOOTBALL!? Pads add about 15 pounds (8 KG I think) and shoulder and leg pads make a hit hurt ten times worse, and a helmit is made of METAL. Do you know how much it hurts to get a huge ass piece of metal hitting right at your gut?? Obviously, anyone saying that is retarded and shouldn't be aloud to live.
I've watched American Football and Rugby, and American Football is better. Maybe if you've watched both you'd agree.
by Spikesy July 18, 2006
rugby- cavemen type game played by those lackiing the skills needed for afl.
he plays rugby because he is too fat for afl
by ap April 18, 2005
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