an exciting, open, 13 players per team game. not to be confused with a mind numbing game known as union (see kick and clap )
if (num_players==15) {
}else if (num_players==13){
by jonny "rah rah" wilkinson March 12, 2005
When a chick gives you an Indian burn on ur shaft. Also, the shittiest gay ass homosexual game on the planet.
rugby sucks balls, only gay people play it. Afterwords, the gay players have shower sex with each other.
by Part Ridge October 12, 2007
1) A Death Sport
1) A sport where when you lose, they beat you with rugs. And you die.
3) A word that's on my shirt.
When he lost his rugby game ... he was beaten with rugs.
by Mer!!! September 21, 2003
where grown men in small shorts and who have no teeth run around chasing an egg and generally having a bundle i hear the english are best at the world at it...
Code of football.
Rugby League: Fast exciting sport, played by athletic, hard bastards.
Rugby Union: clumsy, overly complicated game for posturing middle class wannabes. Also an excuse for a few beers and shenanigans with spiky desert plants.
Rugby is League is rugby.
by Tuwi March 19, 2005
A sport played by homo-repressed aussie and european men. An excuse for them to molest each other under the guise of sport.
Look at those limey playing rugby they're so gay.
by Londonisdirty April 10, 2006
Really stupid sport played using a ball that isn't even ball shaped. There are two kinds of it but few people know or care what the difference is. Invented when a thick schoolboy picked up the ball and ran with it during a game of football. Because he was posh he didn't get his head kicked in, instead he was congratulated for inventing a new sport, which was named after the school he attended. I can honestly say I have never spoken to a single person with any interest in rugby.
If you think football is boring to watch, you should see rugby. Or, rather, you shouldn't.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
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