a game in which Wales kicked England's, Italy's, Scotland's, Ireland's and France's asses in the six nations championship to win the grand slam and the triple crown. suck on that! Wales rocks because we have super good looking players. did you check out Dwayne Peel? wow!
Wales kicks ass. Cymru am byth
by Cymraes June 24, 2005
game of men with funny shaped balls!
Jonny Wilkinson plays rugby!
by Charlotte April 26, 2005
Rugby is just an excuse for guys to touch each other
he's playin rugby, hes gay
by jesus is # 1 April 27, 2008
a game played by men with odd shaped balls
jamie plaed rugby
by know it all October 07, 2003
A sexual act in which to gay men rub each other's genitals. No pads, no helmets, just balls!
rugby is for gay men
by Wan Kah November 11, 2007
Rugby is a sexual act in which two homosexual males rub each others genitals against each other.
Isaac (gay guy #1): hey, me and Max (gay guy #2) played rugby last night.

Patrick (gay guy #3): No pads, no helmets, just balls!
by Cooki Monstr November 03, 2007
alright, for everyone here that thinks that real football (not soccer, you dumbasses) is a pussy sport, i dare you to try it. yea it has pads involved, but that's because the players can be up to three times the size of rugby players (literally). It is much more dangerous to get wrecked by a 450 lb gorilla than a 225 lb rugby player. Sorry to use the American incriments, but im too lazy to convert it. with that said, im playing for the rugby team this yr, instead of lacrosse (at least for now) and so far it is very fun. Having experience both, I can say honest to god that football is definately a more painful sport, and without pads there would be fatalities in every game. However, there is something about the flow of rugby that makes it just as satisfying as American football. The fluidness of passes and teh fact that plays dont stop after someone gets tackled makes rugby a much more elegant game.It's soccer, football and lacrosse all bundled into one amazing sport. While I am still partial to American football because I have been playing it longer and it has become a part of me, rugby is definately a great sport. You Europeans were definately right abt one thing, and its rugby.
in the fall i play football, and in the spring I play rugby.
by rugby playing American March 12, 2006

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