Not(contrary to popular belief) a contact sport-

A game for Piano-Lifters AND Piano Players - can you think of any other sport that can say that?
by Doc Johnson August 10, 2004
80 minutes long in 15 different positions
We like to get dirty
2 on 1 is our specialty

Rugby is what real men play, ain't guna find no pussys playing this sport my nigga
Tyler: Hey Dan i hear your really good at rugby
Dan: Ya tyler i am good
Jasmin: I wana fuck Dan
by DaaaDan March 05, 2009
A retarded sport gay British men play for an excuse to touch other men. Rugby fans commonly say American football is gay so they don't feel bad about themselves. Rugby is the most retarded sport ever and only cum guzzling faggots play it.
Bob: Hey Tom want to play rugby because were faggots?

Tom: Sure Bob, I'm in the mood to wrap my arms around gay dudes legs and squeeze their balls!

Bob: Oh my god cool, I hope we can have a gay 15 person orgy later with every teammate!

Tom: oh my god yes were so gay hahahaha!

Bob: Hahaha were faggots!
by The 12th man February 03, 2014
A very fun sport, kind of like football but with no pads, tighter rules on tackles, no blocking, and no forward passes. for some reason rugby fans repeatedly hate on american football and say that its a pussy sport and involves no skill, despite the fact that pretty much all american football fans show the sport of rugby respect and never hate because rugby is a very complicated and difficult sport.
most rugby players are mad haters
by canadian_football_fan February 19, 2006
You need to be fit and agile to play rugby. No pads like in Gridiron. Greatest team to exist is the All Blacks (New Zealand) and the Wallabies (Australia). England think theyre good but they arent.
'England suck at rugby, they only do kick goals because they cant get tries'
by hammer November 17, 2003
A sport involving 15-a-side teams that originated in the UK, but is often criticised eslewhere due to its 'rough-and-tumble' nature, ie. you could walk off the pitch with several bones broken after the 80 minutes. It requires the mindset of stone and extreme physical shape, especially lower body and abdomen. Most rugby players start from a very early age in the UK and Oceana due to how 'specialist' most of the skills needed are. Despite the fact that playing rugby is by far more physically demanding than Football (Soccer), the players are paid less than the afore-mentioned counterpart, meaning that it is less financially rewarding to play than other mainstream sports, yet has its own culture that most of the 'born-and-bred' players live by, commonly referred to (at least in my area, this is a geographically dependant phrase) as "Scrum Down, Drink Up". No matter what happens on the field, you can still share several pints with the guy who speared you.
1. "Hey guys! Newcastle Falcons need a new Flanker, I can finally play professional Rugby!"

2. “I like to think I play rugby as it should be played - there are no yellow or red cards in my collection - but I cannot say I'm an angel.” - Jonny Wilkinson OBE, England Fly-Half.
by kunge1999 August 11, 2014
A game played by people that have most likely never picked up and read a book in their lives.
The game involves a number of hot and sweaty man grabbing each other and rolling around in the mud; despite this, rugby players are often very homophobic.
If you ever see a rugby player, it is a good idea to run away as there is a risk that he will 1) take his clothes off and put his 'gentleman's sausage' very close to your face, or, 2) grab you by the head and punch you until you vomit out your own small intestine and pass out in the street. It is safe to say that if you are attacked in any way by a rugby player nobody will help - reason: rugby players are scary as hell.

Many argue that rugby should be made illegal in school PE lessons, but if there was no violent sport to keep bullies distracted, they would most likely just attack all the nerds whilst they are playing chess or reading books.
Guy 1: "Hey man, want to go roll around in the mud and get all sweaty and then sexually harass some nerds?"

Guy 2: "No way man, why would I want to do that?!"

Guy 1: "Because it's rugby!"

Guy 2: "Oh, OK. Now it's not weird at all!"
by mrscoobs April 06, 2014
Mooning with your pants on
Naked rugby would be endless mooning by the scrums etc
by silverman November 17, 2013
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