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Not(contrary to popular belief) a contact sport-

A game for Piano-Lifters AND Piano Players - can you think of any other sport that can say that?
by Doc Johnson August 10, 2004
The must skillful, graceful and beautiful forms of brutality in the world.
Soccer is a gentleman's sport played by hooligans. Rugby is a hooligan's sport played by gentleman.
by 6stringsct April 27, 2010
Rugby, A sport for those who are to good for Football, be it american or soccer. Unknown to most people that say Rugby is Inferior to Football, they created football from rugby for those who dont want to mess up their hair. Rugby is a (like most of you already know) an all around sport requiring fitness in all areas. Some people enjoy the sport becasue of its contact. some dont enjoy it at all. everyones got their diff reasons for enjoying something, so fucking dont put down sports that you have no clue about. play the sport before you think anything about it becasue i can assure you youd like it. also whats wrong with a sport that can include all ages, all races, all genders, and all ablities including people with wheelchairs. theres nothing wrong with that now is there. no good. plus ya no ones gives you shit if you say you play rugby becasue you can kick the shit out of them and they know it.
In Rugby, Its better to give then receive.
by Otter12341 November 09, 2006
a sport for REAL men, not for fags who play american football.
Jack: hey man.. do you play (american)football?
Asian Dude: Get a life asshole. (american)football's for fags. i'm all rugby!
Englishman: Right you are lad!
by Raid. August 09, 2006
The sport of hooligans played by gentlemen.
and God said "let there be rock"..................... and there was.
- Rugby
by that old guy123987612983 April 07, 2010
80 minutes long in 15 different positions
We like to get dirty
2 on 1 is our specialty

Rugby is what real men play, ain't guna find no pussys playing this sport my nigga
Tyler: Hey Dan i hear your really good at rugby
Dan: Ya tyler i am good
Jasmin: I wana fuck Dan
by DaaaDan March 05, 2009
American footballers get beaten with rugs, then they go and have jarrs of peanut butter for a half-time snack.

Rugby is a real mans game, American football has more padding than 10 fat Americans in a bedshop. The French are dirty rugby players...and also really gay.
Jono's dad hits him with a rug after his team loses :(

by Marshall January 07, 2005
It's a real mans sport with lots of strategy. It builds a bond between players. It is also one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports.
" God hates a pussy. PLAY RUGBY."
by Rugby man 14 August 22, 2012