1/4 of the game of football. For one, in Football you can forword pass, in Rugby you run, and you flip it to other players. You don't need to be smart in Rugby, because there is no strategy. The whole game is a group of players taking a ball and trying to run with it into an endzone. How is that fun, anyway? I have seen several Rugby games (Mostly at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim) and I honestly have no idea what the hell is so great about it.

Tackling in Rugby is latching onto another player and getting them to the ground. In American football tackling is running as fast as you can and delivering a blow to the gut. Other tackles include the helmit to chin move, Where The only thing stopping the person teach from going into there gums is a mouth guard.

Becasue there is no strategy, there are no breaks, and as a result it is very fast paced. Maybe in Europe is is a good thing, around here we don't care less about how many commercials there are. Commercails just make the game longer anyway.

Most people from europe say it's better than American Football. Most people from europe also do not have American Football.

Rugby for girls? Are you retarded? Pads make the game HARDER AND MORE HARD HITTING!! Seriesly, who the fuck said football is for pussys!? HAVE YOU SEEN A GAME OF FOOTBALL!? Pads add about 15 pounds (8 KG I think) and shoulder and leg pads make a hit hurt ten times worse, and a helmit is made of METAL. Do you know how much it hurts to get a huge ass piece of metal hitting right at your gut?? Obviously, anyone saying that is retarded and shouldn't be aloud to live.
I've watched American Football and Rugby, and American Football is better. Maybe if you've watched both you'd agree.
by Spikesy July 18, 2006
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game that only real men play, not like those pussy football players. No pads, rougher tackles, alot more fun.
by Anonymous December 21, 2002
Elegant Violence
Rugby is elegant violence.
by Pippin May 03, 2004
The only sport where 15 guys are sent out to beat the shit out of the other 15 guys. Team with the least concussions wins. There is a point system but don’t tell them that.
by Pro Prop July 08, 2003
Rugby, called "The Game Played in Heaven" by supporters and players alike, comes in two flavours; League and Union.
Leauge is a rapidly moving game with the emphasis on skilful passing and kicking. Tackles are limited; running out of tackles results in the ball changing hands. The game is more glamorous and enjoys plenty of success on TV.
Union is slower but allows for more continuity, with play only stopping if someone stuffs up or goes outside or scores etc. Forwards have a more emphasized role in that they are expected to maintain control of the ball (using brute force) if the ball-carrier is tackled. (<-personal preference)

Both games are brutal and hard-hitting, using very little body armour when stacked up against comparable games like Gridiron, and several deaths have occurred on the field, even at schoolboy level.

Despite the game's obvious merits, some people tend to misconstrue the high-intensity play as being a homosexual act. This can usually be linked to their own (latent or otherwise) homosexual tendencies. Also, the misconception that Rugby is played by 'preppy blokes in private schools' is a fallacy- Rugby can be played by preppy blokes, bogans, drongos, jocks, academics, farmboys, yuppies (i.e everyone- as long as their not wimps or averse to copious amounts of pain).
MATE! How bloody awesome was that game of Rugby?! (insert Beer here)
by StormtrooperDoof October 15, 2003
the origin of american football. no pads, no stopping for time outs. limited substitutions and no pads
Real men play rugby
by Pk April 20, 2003
A ruffian's game played by gentlemen.

Rugby is a fast, skilled, team-oriented game combining the tactical complexity and physical brutality of American football (only without the padding) with the continuity and pace of soccer and the scoring rate of lacrosse.

Unlike many other sports, rugby has succeeded in maintaining as part of its culture respect for both the opponents and the referee. Players are seldom heard to argue with the ref and after the game, both teams and the ref can usually be found drinking and socialising together in the clubhouse.

There are two distinct types of rugby: union and league. They play to separate systems of rules and both have their merits. The split dates back to 1895 when the game was unified and amateur. The sport's governing body (the RFU) refused to allow a number of clubs in the North of England to pay their players (many of whom were miners) for time lost from work in their services to the club. The RFU even threatened to ban the players for life if they were found to have been paid - they saw professionalism as an evil threat to the values of the game (read: the big, poor, burly miners would beat up the rich wimps if they played on a level footing). So the Northern clubs seceded from the Rugby Football Union to form the Rugby Football League and made rules changes to speed the game up.

League is a simpler, faster game than Union. The pitch is the same size as Union, but teams consist of only 13 players, so there is effectively more space. Contest for the ball at the tackle is not permitted - instead a team has only 6 tackles worth of possession before the ball is turned over (a bit like downs in American football, but without stopping after every play). This leads to the tactic of teams kicking the ball upfield after their 5th tackle in order to give their opponents as poor a field position as possible.

Union is a much more complicated game than League. Contest for the ball is permitted and encouraged at every phase of play - tackle, scrum, ruck, maul, line-out, the lot - leading to a greater number of turnovers and hence a more fluid game. There are 15 men on a Union team, so space is more limited, meaning there is less opportunity for individual brilliance and a greater reliance on the team to function as a unit, and consequently more obvious player specialisation.

Personally, I prefer Union, bubt they're both good games.
The rugby team's looking good for promotion this year...
by Loose Cannon December 15, 2004
An awesome game requiring teamwork, fitness and copious amounts of hatred for your fellow humanity. Points are scored by touching the ball down past the opponent's goal line (called a try-worth 5 points), or kicking the ball through the H-shaped goal posts above the crossbar (a conversion or penalty kick, worth 2 and 3 points respectively) Demanding and lots of fun. Union, although slower than League, has less annoying stoppages, and more forwards which can only be a good thing (silly backs, always knocking on the ball and being unappreciative of the hard work we do to win it).
Joe McGeneric: So how was rugby this weekend?
Aggressive McProp: Great. I snapped several vertebrate of the opposition.
Joe: So you won?
Agressive: Nah. But who cares about points?
by Crazy Lock June 07, 2004
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