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The best game in the world, closely followed by Rugby Union and League.
Incredibly fast paced, creative game. Basically 7 a side Rugby Union but the main objective is possession, not territory.
It is played on a full-sized pitch, but with only 7 players on each team. Therefore there is a lot more space and the game is about throwing the ball around to someone with a 1 on 1(every 7s player can easily take advantage of that situation) who then steps, runs and scores
If you like football more than rugby, firstly you are a pussy -wank -bucket -anal -juice -licking -batty -head -amateur, but if you watch a 7s tournament on ITV2 see if you don't change your mind.
Did you see that rugby sevens tournament?
Yeah, there was this guy who wrote a definition of 7s on urban dictionary. He was amazing. He runs the 100m in 2.18 seconds.
Yeah, wanna beer?
by Billy Whizz May 25, 2006
When a girl is getting done by six guys.
She's so into multiple sex partners, she did a rugby sevens with her boyfriend and his mates
by London Boy December 06, 2007
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