A sport which involves 2 tribes of shaved down castrated gorrilas running around a paddock attempting to insert fingers into each others rectal cavities (as illustrated by the games most famous player, John Hopoate). The goal of the game is for brain-dead butt invaders who have a penchant for touching other males in a forum where they wont be accused of homosexuality until the are safely in the changerooms and can happily grunt and invade each others rectal region.

Usually played by closet homosexuals or people from Sydney or Brisbane who are too unintelligent to understand the intricacies of superior sports such as AFL and to a lesser extend Cricket and Rugby Union.
***Whilst at the zoo***
Person 1: "Look at those gorillas grunting and exploring their anuses, if you shaved them down it would look like a rugby game."

Person 2: "C'mon thats a bit harsh...goriallas can use rudimentary tools"
by Rob March 28, 2005
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A faster, more exciting and more acessable code of rugby. Very popular in the North of England and Australia.
Wigan Warriors are a rugby league club
by black flag May 31, 2004
A Fast paced and violent sport, were big strong men tackle aggressivly to gain the ball. More violent than the actors in wrestling, the game contains bigger and stronger men, such as Andy Farrel (Wigan Warriors) Who sustained injuries agains a team who dug his face into the ground and caused a broken nose, after which Andy was told to stop playing but carried on and won the match with a blood-covered face.
Man 1. Did you watch Rugby League the other day?
Man 2. Yeah, Andy Farrell broke his nose and carried on playing.
Man 1. What a guy.
by ThE_WiLkStA July 10, 2004
The greatest game of all.

Initially formed as a breakaway from Rugby Union in the early 20th century as a way for players to be paid instead of the governing body pocketing all the profits, Rugby League has long since surpassed it's inferior cousin in all aspects.

A working class game of 13 men a side, there is no tougher sport on the planet. The men who play Rugby League are the true Gladiators of the 20th and 21st centuries.

An 80 minute game that is generally completed, with stoppages, in under 100 minutes, Rugby League is a test of skill, fitness, co-ordination and strength that no other game can match.

Imagine American Football played without the padding or the incessant stoppages and you get some idea of the pace and toughness of Rugby League.

Watch it and you WILL love it.
The only way to improve Rugby Union is to change it to Rugby League.
by The Real Everlovin' Antichrist February 26, 2005
When one man shoves his finger up another mans bum.
That spastic just rugby leagued me, what a gay cunt.
by spiderman that hoe September 24, 2011
Rugby League is a simple game played by simple people.

Rugby Union is a game played by tw*ts.

Rugby League is easy to follow. Rugby Onion isn't.
by Billabong warrior December 03, 2005
Rugby League: The true religion
Satan: Curse those Rugby league men. They are just too tough. With St Andy Farrel commanding gods chosen people, how can i have dominion over the world???? These weak union Folk are no good to me. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGG

God: Ah Satan. Will you never learn? Union folk are weak and that is why you have command over those lesser people.
by Jeramia October 11, 2005
The enjoyable version of Rugby, much more exciting and faster than Rugby Union, which is basically a kick-and-rush sport.
Unfortunately in Halifax, we have a Rugby League team who get all the press and money over the local football team and are supported by Bell Ends who diminish the enjoyment of the game for everyone else.
"If you hate the fuckin' Blue Sox, clap yer hands!" - Halifax Town fans/any League fan with sense
by zutroy January 03, 2005

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