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1.)short form of Ruga Rell (also Ruger Rell) that's another name of Dipset rapper Hell Rell
2.)another word for a gun, especially used by Hell Rell
1.)Hell Rell: "Mister Ruga Ruga, I'm a shoota shoota!"
2.)"I got rugas in the trunk, pull over and dump"
by 2Gun Vega June 15, 2008
another name for a gun
i pulled out the ruga on that nigga!
by YounG D.k May 10, 2007
An Estonian family name.
Ruga has been used in Estonian-American households as well.
by EstonianAmerican March 05, 2009
A wrinkle, crease, or fold in ones stomach.
Ahh! My stomach is full of rugas!
by Brad June 09, 2003