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A wrinkle, crease, or fold in ones stomach.
Ahh! My stomach is full of rugas!
by Brad June 09, 2003
another name for a gun
i pulled out the ruga on that nigga!
by YounG D.k May 10, 2007
1.)short form of Ruga Rell (also Ruger Rell) that's another name of Dipset rapper Hell Rell
2.)another word for a gun, especially used by Hell Rell
1.)Hell Rell: "Mister Ruga Ruga, I'm a shoota shoota!"
2.)"I got rugas in the trunk, pull over and dump"
by 2Gun Vega June 15, 2008
An Estonian family name.
Ruga has been used in Estonian-American households as well.
by EstonianAmerican March 05, 2009