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A person (Chinaman or not) who pisses on a rug which may or may not "tie the room together", thus rendering the rug useless. (See Carpet Pisser)

It's a shame that the Chinaman pissed on your rug, Dude... It really tied the room together.


DUDE: Well sir, it's this rug I have, really tied the room together-

LEBOWSKI: You told Brandt on the phone, he told me. So where do I fit in?

DUDE: Well they were looking for you, these two guys, they were trying to--

LEBOWSKI: I'll say it again, all right? You told Brandt. He told me. I know what happened. Yes? Yes?

DUDE: So you know they were trying to piss on your rug--

LEBOWSKI: Did I urinate on your rug?

DUDE: You mean, did you personally come and pee on my--

LEBOWSKI: Hello! Do you speak English? Parla usted Inglese? I'll say it again. Did I urinate on your rug?

DUDE: Well no, like I said, Woo peed on the rug--

EBOWSKI: Hello! Hello! So every time--I just want to understand this, sir-- every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the--

DUDE: Come on, man, I'm not trying to scam anybody here.

by UrbanAchiever March 02, 2005
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