And elderly butch lesbian, may be buff.
Person1: Have you seen the new gym teacher?
Perrson2: She's such a rug doctor.
Person1: LOL!
by BioluminescentGoddess November 06, 2010
Top Definition
1. A dyke. A lesbian.
2. A straight male who eats pussy, preferably lesbian.
3. Missy Koonce.
1. That Ellen DeGeneress is a rug doctor.
2. My husband loves eating me out. What a rug doctor.
3. Missy Koonce.
by mindmelt September 21, 2003
an OBGYN. The doctor that takes care of female parts.
Crap, I think I got syphillis from that party last night. I better get it checked out by my rug doctor.
by luvsjbs May 11, 2008
To clean or vacuum using the 'rugdoctor' range of cleaning products.
If you can vacuum, you can rugdoctor.
by Romano's Slacks January 15, 2011
Person who passes out after a night of drinking and uses your floor as a toilet.
Where did that stain come from? The Rug Doctor was here last night.
by Myrick Rd April 13, 2009
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