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1. A dyke. A lesbian.
2. A straight male who eats pussy, preferably lesbian.
3. Missy Koonce.
1. That Ellen DeGeneress is a rug doctor.
2. My husband loves eating me out. What a rug doctor.
3. Missy Koonce.
by mindmelt September 21, 2003
52 10
an OBGYN. The doctor that takes care of female parts.
Crap, I think I got syphillis from that party last night. I better get it checked out by my rug doctor.
by luvsjbs May 11, 2008
12 5
To clean or vacuum using the 'rugdoctor' range of cleaning products.
If you can vacuum, you can rugdoctor.
by Romano's Slacks January 15, 2011
2 0
And elderly butch lesbian, may be buff.
Person1: Have you seen the new gym teacher?
Perrson2: She's such a rug doctor.
Person1: LOL!
by BioluminescentGoddess November 06, 2010
3 2
Person who passes out after a night of drinking and uses your floor as a toilet.
Where did that stain come from? The Rug Doctor was here last night.
by Myrick Rd April 13, 2009
3 14