A rigorous handjob performed upon a male as the female rubs his erect penis through his blue jeans' barrier.
Yo son, i heard you got a bad ass rug burn the other night.... that sucks.
by Smeggnog April 15, 2009
Top Definition
A rash or red mark on one's body caused by the friction of one's skin rubbing on a carpet or rug. Often happens during the act of sex or play.
"That chick had on so much blush it looked like she had rug burn on her cheeks."
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
a nasty, red, painful, sometimes bleeding, open wound as a result of a typically centralized, rubbing motion between two rough and/or non-lubricated surfaces. often occurs during doggy style sex, on the knees of the receiver, from direct carpet to knee contact.
We fucked doggy style on the carpet last night; now I have such bad rugburn, it's hard to bend my knees.
by jenna tulls November 20, 2006
When, during vaginal intercourse (or the attempt at) in the missionary position, the male's lower umbilicus area (the area below the belly button) as well as the surrounding abdominal region, are penetrated by the female's stubbly, three-day-beard-like pubic hair. The repeated, thrusting movements of the male eventually lead to "rugburn" - conventionally a reddish, rash-like discomposure of the skin. Warning: In certain cases, rugburn can yet create skin ruptures and cause minor bleeding.
"Bro, look at my lower stomach area. It's completely swollen and dark red. Golly, I knew having vaginal intercourse with Aunt Shelly would be wrong in many ways, but I never thought she'd give me rugburn."
by Ruggy Rugburn September 30, 2009
The razor burn you get after shaving your crotch.
Joe: "yo, i was going down on Melissa last night, that girl has some major rug burn."


Sarah: "Shit, I just shaved my pussy this morning, now I have some serious rug burn."
by strawberries4lunch November 03, 2010
When the pubic hair of anothers genitalia is rubbing against the other persons genitals during sexual intercourse,causing sores and burns. And also causing burning when urinating for females.
his ball hair gave me rug burn when we were having sex.
by ninja_cat January 13, 2013
The act of scissoring so vigorously that it results in a burn similar to that of which you receive from sliding in a carpet.
Dyke 1: Do you wanna scissor?

Dyke 2: No sorry, I have rug burn
by Zlegand July 03, 2015
The rash you get when you're grinding on a woman who does not keep up with shaving her hooha and parts surrounding.
"Sally gave me the worst case of rug burn while we were scissoring last night."
by Ryan Tx October 15, 2007
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